Z20 Stem Seals

One of the common issues effecting Z20 2.0 turbo engines used in various Astra and Zafira models is stem seal failure.

Stem seals are used to to allow the valve stems to be lubricated but then prevent the oil passing into the intake and exhaust manifolds and ports. If the oil by passes the seals then the engine starts to consume the oil and burn it.

Tell tail signs include smokey exhaust particularly on cold start and higher than usual levels of oil consumption.

We can repair your engine with new stem seals without having to remove the cylinder head from the vehicle. This dramatically lowers the cost to the repair and gets your engine operating back in tip top condition.

Z20 stem seals

Vehicles which are effected are:

Astra SRi 2.0T
Astra GSi 2.0T
Astra VXR 2.0T
Zafira SRi 2.0T
Zafira GSi 2.0T
Zafira VXR 2.0T

The engines which are effected are: