3J Drive Line M32 NXG Fast Road Variable Torque Biasing LSD (VTB)

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3J Drive Line M32 NXG Fast Road Variable Torque Biasing LSD (VTB)
The new NXG Fast Road torque-biasing unit, is a product of the UK. As with all 3J products, from conception through material sourcing to finished article, the entire
process takes place right here in Great Britain.
Encapsulating 3J Driveline’s core design ethos of improve and upgrade, this new variable torque-biasing (VTB) differential features 3J’s own innovative gearset and pack design, to deliver more grip than ever produced
by a helical LSD. Up to 20% more in some cases.
To maximise durability, unique milled oil slots have been engineered into the gearset to aid lubrication, along with the use of higher-specification materials than the majority of normal variants on the market.
Choosing the right diff for your car is very much a case of horses for courses. If you use your car for spirited drives to and from a local car show, it’s pointless running a plate-type differential with 45/45 ramp angles and lots of pre-load. In reality, because our NXG can be fine-tuned, you would be okay with a fast road plate-type unit.  

The question that you ultimately have to ask yourself is:  

Do I want my rear wheels to lock together when I ask them to? 

If the answer is: Yes, you need a plate type diff. 

If the answer is: No, then maybe you don’t need a limited slip diff at all. 

If the answer is: no, but I would just like a bit more traction out of the corners for my Sunday morning B-road hacks in my mildly-tuned car. A torque biasing diff is for you. 

If the answer is: no, but I’ve got lots of power and I want it to be predictable when it gets out of shape. You need a plate type diff like the NXG. 

In general, a torque biasing diff unit is better suited to fast road front-wheel drive applications, but we have a number of customers that use them in ‘fast-road’ rear-drive vehicles. 

Experience has shown that people may opt for a torque biasing differential initially, mainly because it is a less-expensive unit. However, the nature of modifying cars is that things progress, power figures increase, and the user ultimately finds themselves upgrading to a plate-type unit. So before committing to buy, consider whether you’re likely to continue modifying your vehicle and whether, perhaps, an NXG Performance unit, with a fast-road set-up, might be better suited to you. 

Our If you have any doubts, get in touch, our experts will be happy to advise based on your application 

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