Enhance Performance Astra H VXR Engine Oil Catch Tank

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Enhance Performance Astra H VXR Engine Oil Catch Tank

The Enhance Performance Ultimate Oil Catch tank kit was born out of necessity. The Z20LEH engine is a heavy breather and as such recirculates hot dirty oil vapour from the cam cover back into the clean air drawn in by the turbo, this is not good for performance. It also fills boost pipes, the intercooler and the whole inlet track with oil vapour/residue.

This tank is constructed fully from lightweight aluminium, features a heavy duty bracket & is fully TIG welded, we’re therefor able to offer a lifetime warranty on this product. It also features a drain bung on the underside, making draining and cleaning this tank very easy. Its finished in a robust satin black powder coat, so will remain looking as good as new for many years.

Included as always is high quality UK made JS performance silicone hose and ITG breather filters. Far from the cheapest components but we think complement the quality of the tank well. With an 800ml capacity, it suits both daily drivers and heavy track use, this will not fill up fast like many other smaller capacity tanks, its important there is plenty of volume for oil storage yet still allows the engine to breath out of the filter.

The tank is also internally baffled with baffle plates, this is extremely important. Without the baffle plates in place, the pressure of the engine blowing the oil vapour out will just blow it straight onto the filter and out, defeating the object of the ‘catch’ can. The baffle plates trap the oil and allow it to run down and collect at the bottom. Baffle plates also don’t clog up like ‘wire wool’ or mesh will over time.

  • Lightweight Aluminium construction
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Internal Baffles
  • ITG Breather filter & JS Silicone
  • 800ml Capacity
  • Satin black powder coat

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