Enhance Performance Astra J VXR Cat Back 3″ Exhaust System (Options)

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Enhance Performance Astra J VXR Cat Back 3″ Exhaust System

  • The Enhance Performance Astra J VXR 3″/76mm Cat-Back exhaust has been designed to enhance the sound but also create more power by removing the restrictive standard rear silencer. Built from high quality 304L stainless steel throughout, including stainless steel V-band flanges for leak free fitting. Our system is also fully hand TIG welded for maximum strength, longevity and reliability. We’re so confident this exhaust will never fail we offer a lifetime warranty! 
  • A good quality exhaust system should never be overlooked, its vital for getting the air out of the engine as fast as possible, in turn making more power. The standard rear silencer is know for being restrictive at a certain level of tuning so removing it is vital. Removing the rear silencer completely will make the exhaust drone and generally sound awful, so we built our system with dual rear silencers, the perfect size to reduce drone but allow maximum power. We also give the option to add a ‘super-silent’ centre silencer, this reduces inside noise levels even more, perfect for cars that do lots of motorway miles.
  • Our exhaust systems differs from other off the shelf systems in many ways, each one built in house by hand ensuring the best possible fit and finish, we also test and run this system on our own development car, so we know exactly what its like to live with. 
The design of these systems has been perfected over time to produce something of exceptional quality, we feel, the best on the market! Completely hand built in house from the highest quality materials available.

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