Enhance Performance BMW M140i M240i B58 102mm Decat Downpipe

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Enhance Performance BMW M140i M240i B58 102mm Decat Downpipe

Upgrading the restrictive OE downpipe with the EP BMW M140i Large Bore 102m De-Cat Downpipe is a great way to increase performance and Enhance the exhaust note. Performance is gained through removing exhaust gasses at maximum velocity through the EP downpipe. Designed and manufactured in-house using only premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques. Delivering unmatched quality and reliability.

  • Designed and manufactured in-house
  • T304L stainless steel construction
  • 102mm CNC Machined inlet flange
  • Argon back-purged TIG welding
  • 102mm/4″ bore tapering to meet the OE system
  • Brushed and de-burred piping
  • Precision TIG welded o2 bungs
  • OEM-style fitment
  • Lifetime warranty

The factory downpipe system consists of smaller, 65mm piping with tight bends and a restrictive high-cell-count catalyst, all of which contribute to restricted performance. We took an unrivalled approach to maximising flow, reducing under bonnet temperatures, and removing restrictions. The 102mm turbine exit transitions slowly into the OE 80mm system, the gradual bends are crucial for maximising performance!

Suitable for OEM & aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems.

Fitting de-cat may result in EML light, a sensor spacer may solve this, but not guaranteed. De-cat for off-road use only.

Each of our Enhance Performance BMW M140 Cat-Back exhausts system are built in-house by hand. We’re proud to construct each system with the highest quality TIG welding and fabrication techniques.

A full lifetime warranty is included on all our Enhance Performance exhausts.

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