Enhance Performance Corsa VXR Twin Exit Turbo / Primary Back 3″ Exhaust System (Options)

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Enhance Performance Corsa VXR Twin Exit Turbo / Primary Back 3″ Exhaust System

The Enhance Performance Corsa E VXR 3″ Turbo Back exhaust system is built from stainless steel throughout, fully TIG welded and back purged to a very high standard for maximum strength, flow and reliability, this is essential in a performance exhaust system and something you won’t find in many off the shelf exhaust systems. A good quality exhaust system should never be overlooked, its vital for getting the air out of the engine as fast as possible, in turn making more power. Our exhaust systems differ from other off the shelf systems in many ways, each one built in house by hand and with care ensuring the best possible fit and finish.

The design of these systems has been perfected over time to produce something of exceptional quality with unrivalled performance characteristics! We only use the highest quality materials available to us, never the cheapest, this is fundamental to building consistent and reliable products.


We chose to use Y-Split rear silencers for this EP Ultimate exhaust as it aids equal flow out of both exhaust exits, this inherently is louder, so ideal fit you’re looking for a much louder system that stock, to cope with unlimited bhp!

We also offer a system that uses a Single rear silencer which is quieter than our split dual rear box design (UItra Resonated), ideal for daily drivers that prefer the exhaust noise a little lower, removing unwanted cabin drone – how ever the offset is less free flowing system that can hinder power when going stage 4/5

Both systems have resonated options which includes a center silencer

You can choose from many options, to build the system just how you like it!

Available as a Primary Catback (Downpipe back) if you already have our 3″ Primary Decat Pipe. We can also supply as a traditional ‘cat back’, if you have both our Primary Decat and 3″ Secondary Pipe. (Enquire)

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Bore Size



Non Resonated (Louder), Resonated (Quieter)


Decat (not road legal), Sports Cat

Exhaust Tips

100mm Titanium Tailpipes, 3.5" Outward Rolled, 3.5" Tear Drop, 4" Outward Rolled, 4" Slash Cut, 4" Straight Cut

Exhaust Design

Twin Box Y Split, Ultra Res Single box


With Decat Downpipe