HEL Performance HP 666 Vauxhall Corsa VXR Brembo 4 Pot Front Pads

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HEL Performance HP 666 Vauxhall Corsa VXR Brembo 4 Pot Front Pads

The HP666 features a ceramic kevlar compound that has a great initial bite, excellent control and pedal feel. It delivers a powerful friction coefficient of 0.42–0.57? over a temperature range of 0-800°C. This pad sacrifices a little brake noise and rotor dust to deliver the ultimate in stopping power. This is the brake pad to choose when milliseconds make the difference between you winning and losing.

Eliminating Brake Fade:

When brake pads run at high temperatures, a layer of gas can sometimes be created between the pad and brake disc. This can make the driver feel like they have lost braking power as the brake pedal feels the same but the car will not stop as quickly, this is called brake fade. To remedy this, a slot is cut into all HEL Performance pads to offer the gasses a route to escape.

Bedding In:

HEL Performance brake pads are put through a heat curing treatment in the manufacturing process. This process removes unwanted gasses from the materials in advance, reducing the gasses that can cause fade within the brake pad. Because of this treatment, our brake pads only need light bedding in to match the padding to the disc.

Brake pads should be bedded in until up to mid range working temperature then allowed to cool properly. This will also help to removes any gasses that are still within the pad. Not following this process may cause problems leading to a decrease in optimum performance.

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