Pro Alloy VX220 Turbo Intake Pipe

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Pro Alloy VX220 Turbo Intake Pipe

  • All alloy intake pipe for the Vauxhall VX220 Turbo.

  • The original intake pipe has reportedly experienced problems with the hose collapsing, and Vauxhall have certainly tried to minimise this by putting some stainless steel clips around the hose in a few places, however with all the heat around that part of the engine bay, the standard rubber hose gets very soft indeed.

  • The original pipe also reduces in diameter immediately after the airflow metre from 70mm – 60mm.

  • With the new alloy pipe we have maintained the larger diameter throughout the entire length of the pipe, with the reduction from 70mm to 60mm just taking place inside the hose which connects the pipe to the turbo thus reducing restriction.

  • This pipe is a direct replacement for the original item and can be fitted in minutes.

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