Revo Tecknik Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST 180 / 200 RT330 Turbocharger

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Revo Tecknik Ford Fiesta Mk7 ST 180 / 200 RT330 Turbocharger

The ultimate Turbo upgrade option for the Fiesta ST, Only Revo completely redesign the entire compressor and turbine housing to give you a driving experience like no other. Exhilarating top end power coupled with the responsive driveability low down means you get the best of both worlds.

Only Revo Turbos are specifically designed to work in harmony with your vehicle and Revo Software. Engineered to directly replace the stock turbo, the RT330 is a high-quality upgrade, precision balanced to levels above OEM specification to improve performance and ensure reliability.

The limitations of the housings on stock turbos means that they can only be machined to a safe thickness to allow a slightly larger compressor and turbine wheel. The issue with running larger wheels in smaller housings is the increase in temperatures, this is one of the biggest issues with the turbine side of ST hybrid turbos. Increasing both wheels allows for a power increase with higher boost pressures, however, they cannot constantly maintain power due to these increases in temperatures.

Bespoke Housing
The Revo RT330 offers a significant upgrade over the stock KP39 turbo, with completely bespoke castings of both the compressor and turbine housings. Without being limited by the OEM turbo housings, superior flow characteristics are achieved by increasing the wheel size, eliminating heat issues and providing constant high performance. The custom turbine housing has been designed specifically for the Fiesta ST and offers a direct OEM fitment.

The compressor and turbine wheels have been increased in size, far larger than hybrid options. The stronger construction of the larger compressor wheel, machined from solid billet aluminium, provides a higher air flow capability. The short-bladed KO4 turbine wheel increases exhaust gas flow with a minimal increase in lag over hybrids. The lightweight construction of the wheels ensures low inertia which in turn increases performance.

Strength is the key, an exclusively designed thrust bearing assembly allows for the higher thrust loading requirements of running increased flowrates and boost pressures without compromising on reliability. The K04 frame upgrade incorporates a larger diameter shaft and bearings, which provides increased strength at high power levels. Integrating the recirculation system with swirl-assisting minimises shaft deceleration on gear changes.

No detail has been overlooked when reducing restrictions within the stock airflow system. During development alongside Revo Performance ECU Software, further restrictions were found in the system. To ensure ultimate performance, the RT330 inlet hose has been significantly increased and proves a smoother flow of air directly into the turbo. Increased diameters on the charge and throttle pipes were also designed to increase air flow speed, improving flow at higher levels.


The following testing was carried out on a Ford Fiesta ST running stock engine and fuel system, on Shell Power 99ron Pump fuel. Revo RT330 Turbo Kit, Performance ECU Software installed, fitted with a Revo Air Intake System, Airtec Stage 3 Intercooler and Milltek Turbo back exhaust system with sports Catalytic convertor.

The Revo Turbo offers significant performance gains over any stock turbo setup, with peak gains of up to 158HP and 177NM torque over a stock Fiesta ST, recorded on a Maha Dyno. Compared to the KP38ETR Hybrid setup, the RT330 offers an additional peak gain of 34HP at @ the hubs and 37NM

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