Torqbyte CM5-LTS Water Meth Injector Injection WMI Kit With Stealth Tank F80 M3 / Dual Nozzles

£1,050.00 Inc Vat

Complete WMI Kit, includes

  • Stealth Tank (F80)
  • High-Pressure Pump
  • Torqbyte CM5 Kit
  • Dual Nozzles
  • Solenoid
  • CM5 Controller
  • Fluid Lines
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Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allow you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane race gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone.

Increasing the Octane rating from normal pump fuel allows greater ignition advance before knock limitations, this works well on turbocharged engines that are knock limited. Cooling the charge temps at the same time helps lower intake temperatures. Also can be used for extra fueling when the stock system is on its limit!

Our kits are supplied with a Torqbyte Standalone controller. This is a very complete and effective controller. More information can be found on our other listing: Torqbyte controller Information

There are two decisions to be made when selecting a WMI kit. Which tank and which nozzles. We recommend either a single CM10 or dual CM7. However we can also supply other nozzle sizes for your custom setup. Eg Single CM5/7/12/14 or Dual CM5/10/12/14. Just message us with your requirements and we’ll take care of it! For the tank we have a stealth tank for F3x/F8x platforms and F10 platform. For other platforms, we recommend the 2G tank. We can also offer a smaller 1G tank on request!