WGM VXR Service – Minor

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WGM VXR Service – Minor

We have put together a service schedule that we deem more fitting than the regular scheme that Vauxhall put together from the factory, As this is based on the car to be driven the same as your average 1.6 Astra for example with average driving up and down the motorway rarely exceeding 4000 rpm. Most VXR’s are used as the name would give, which shortens service mileage drastically and no longer warrants 20,000miles between services, Also with higher RPM and increased boost levels that when the car left the factory we recommend items like spark plugs to change more frequently than the 4-8 Years also recommended. We are basing this on a Typical VXR Driver, some may even require more frequent services if used on track or Nurburgring trips etc.

With the WGM VXR services, we use GM Dexos 2 5w30 which is fully synthetic engine oil. With the option of upgrading to Fuchs Titan Race 5w40 performance oil

While the Gearbox Oil change is optional at every service, we do recommend the change as most would already be aware of the infamous M32 Gearbox. To help prolong any issues we use a superior oil. We use Fuchs Titan Sintofluid 75w80 GL5 Gearbox oil.

Spark Plugs, although the plugs of choice vary between models – we typically use NGK Plugs of either Iridium or Platinum Materials – these are usually upgraded items over with increase in boost levels/cylinder charge comes increase in-cylinder temperatures a Colder plug may be required (Note if you have in excess of 400HP we may be using plugs 2 or colder than standard) Service life of the plug varies on HP and usage, we can offer to Re-Gap your spark plugs with your service if requested.

Air Filter, as 95% of our VXR Customers are already running performance panel or cone filters these do not become part of our service schedule, but if found Dirty or Old we may recommend a replacement is used or at least serviced.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which is short means it absorbs water, this lowers the boiling point of the fluid – when brake fluid gets at the boiling point you can experience the brake pedal ‘sinking’ as you apply the brakes.

With a Performance car, comes performance Brakes. This is another reason why we offer the option of performance-based brake fluid instead of your normal Dot 4 brake fluid (+£15), with a higher boiling point it can withstand much higher temperature. Brake fluids we use can vary – but we only use performance racing fluid that has boiling points of over 300°C (standard fluids boil at typically 230-260 °C). We Stick to the same as Vauxhall schedule with this, every 2 years – Unless excessive track use is carried out.

Clutch Fluid can also be changed for track/race applications (£ Enquire)

It is also recommended to have Service before a big event, such as a Track day or Ring Trip, to make sure everything is in tip-top condition ready for your day!

The Service also includes:

  • Lights / Levels / Pressure – Check / Adjust

  • Brakes / Wheels / Tyres – Check

  • Suspension / Bushes – Check

  • Engine / Gearbox – Visual Check

  • Service Book Stamp

Note – This service is for in House fitting only

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Brake Fluid Change, Gearbox Oil Change