ECU Remaps

Get the most out of your engine tuning with a fully customised ECU remap. At WG Motorworks we are pleased to offer our own in house custom remapping services covering a wide range of vehicles and levels of tune.

Each car we tune is individually setup, by performing full diagnostics and monitoring of the vehicle not only before and after tuning, but throughout the whole process. Using advanced tuning monitoring tools we can keep a close eye on all of your cars vitals to ensure optimum performance and safety.


Fuelling, boost and ignition are then optimally adjusted based upon live data from your car and tweaked to suit in the individual unique engine and modifications.  There is no flash and dash here, every car is customised.

Finally we then are able to adjust the drivability and feel of the driving experience to the owner’s requirements, whether you want an aggressive full power map, or a smooth progressive track map we can cater for you.

Don’t settle for less with generic tuning; unleash the full potential of your car with a remap customised to suit your car, your modifications but also your driving style.