Rolling Road / Dyno

Dyno Dynamics Dynotech 1200HP Chassis Rolling Dyno

Our in house state of the art 2WD rolling road / dynamometer facilities allow us to tune cars in a safe and controlled environment, enabling us to carry out in depth diagnostics without the concern of speed limits or traffic conditions out on the public road, while producing accurate and repeatable results.

We can run front or rear wheel drive vehicles, and can even cater for certain 4wd vehicles (Haldex based drivetrains can typically be disabled allowing us to run them on our 2WD setup)

To ensure safe running we monitor and log the Air to Fuel ratio and Boost pressure at all times, these can be plotted on the graphs if required. Additional OBD data logging can be carried out with more than 150 alternate channels of data available

Power runs from £60, whether you are wanting to ensure everything is running in its optimal state, making sure your vehicle is producing quoted power, or simply to settle a bet!

Our Dyno setup has been designed to run most vehicles on the market today, including some all-wheel-drive cars, more specifically those that utilise a Haldex clutch differential system. The dynamometer can read up to 1200BHP and 6250NM of torque.
To keep things cool when running the vehicle on the dyno we use our high pressure centrifugal 6kw fan to cover the frontal area of the car, with additional fans used to cover side cooling radiators as and when required. The Dyno cell is equipped with a high pressure centrifugal extraction system suitable for single or twin exhaust outlets,  to ensure all harmful fumes are extracted safely.
  • Single Measures power from 1HP (0.75kW) up to 900KW (1200HP)
  • Measures axle torque up to 6250 Nm
  • Max speed 250 km/h

Power runs

Dyno power runs from £60


Dyno services are included in all remapping costs, this is classed as a free service - no extra costs

For Hire

Dyno Rental can be arranged, including Operator £90PH or £ 330 Half Day, £600 Full Day


Dyno diagnostics offered to retail and trade