WG Motorworks Guide to ECUTEK Software

EcuTek Technologies has been formed with a unique combination of skills and abilities to offer the tuning industry and car enthusiasts highly technical products based around performance car, engine management technology.

The first question to answer is; 'What is ECUTEK RaceRom?'... ECUTEK as a company reverse engineer stock ECUs (Engine Management Systems) then, with advanced software technology rewrite this software code. Not only do they reengineer the operating system, but they also allow much more detailed raw data to be logged from the ECU with a data-logging system, which all leads to more advanced tuning results, especially on high-output cars. In essence, the stock ECU is reconfigured to allow many advanced features to enhance the tuning experience.

The product is called a 'RaceRom' as the software is recalibrated for 'Race' / Tuned cars, and is a new ROM (Read Only Memory) in the computer sense, meaning the coding is permanently written it on the ECU's memory.

The Second question is often 'Why?' ... Traditionally stock ECUs had limitations and had to be replaced with Standalone or piggyback ECUs, without question the OEM ECU offers the best cold start, driveability, and refinement when compared to aftermarket ECU hardware. However, many aftermarket ECUs provide extra (generally motorsport-related) features, that many enthusiasts desire. Unfortunately, when replacing the standard ECU with an aftermarket ECU, the refinement of the standard ECU is often lost. Now with EcuTek RaceROM this compromise is no longer necessary. By way of a software upgrade to the standard ECU, RaceROM adds many custom calibration options, offering features beyond the standard fuelling, ignition, and boost control, yet retaining the original driveability, sophistication and fuel economy.

As a sub-dealer of ECUTEK, WG Motorworks can offer a wide range of tuning platforms, although of specialised manufacturer is BMW, we can also offer the following:

  • Nissan 370Z
  • Nissan R35 (08 on)
  • Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) E888 E855
  • Toyota Supra (A90)

For the BMW Range, we are able to cater to all the popular engines/models including:

  • N55 (M135i M235i 335i M2 etc)
  • S55 (M2 Competition, M3, M4)
  • B48 (G Series 20i, F40 M135i M235i)
  • B58 (F Series M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i, Z4, & G Series 40i)
  • S58 (F series X3M, X4M and soon to be released G Series M3 M4)

Unlike some of the other 'Platforms' on the market which include OTS (Off The Shelf) maps, ECUTEK does not offer 'tuned' software with their software products, the ECU mapping remains 'Stock'. So every ECUTEK Racerom tune is custom tuned on our in-house Rolling Road by our experienced engine calibration specialist.

RaceROM Custom Features

Four-way Mode Switching

Map switching provides 4 separate customisable tuning modes, which can be changed on the fly by the driver using either the cruise control switchgear

These modes can be customised to provide bespoke settings. For example:

  • Mode #1  Stock -  the car is tuned to standard power curves
  • Mode #2  Track ‒ the car is tuned to provide a linear torque delivery 
  • Mode #3  Race ‒ the car is tuned to provide the best power and torque 
  • Mode #4  Ethanol / Low Octane ‒ the car is tuned to run on Ethanol-based fuels Or Set up for low Octane

The map switching also works with other RaceROM features such as Launch Control, Flat-foot Shifting, Throttle Auto-blip or Speed Density. It can also be combined with the RaceROM Custom Maps to enable custom features and functions under certain conditions.

RaceROM Burble

This feature allows you to adjust the factory Burble. Switch between a range of soft to hard on the fly, or even disable it completely for full stealth mode.

Adjustable on the fly via the sports dials, with a scale of 0-100

One-Touch Antilag/Rolling Launch

RaceROM Rolling Launch allows you to roll race at the touch of the button. To set, enter the map switch mode in which Rolling Launch is activated. Press and hold the cruise control set button to build boost, adjust your speed with the accel pedal to match your opponent aaand…release the set button and enjoy! The system can be set up using activation time limits, temperature limits and a minimum re-arm time to try and maintain reliability.

Sports Dials

Most of the features use the Sports Dials to display current settings, including burble adjustment (0-100 scale) Flex-fuel Ethanol content (if enabled), Torque reduction (if enabled) and can even be used as a data logging out put gauge display, typically used to display Boost and Charge temps rather than the factory Horse Power / Torque feature.

Self Adjusting FlexFuel

No more worries about calculating the ethanol in the tank; our RaceROM self-adjusting flex-fuel does it all for you. Just fit a CANbus-enabled Flex Fuel sensor, and off you go. Whatever Ethanol content in the tank, the tune will automatically adjust to give you optimal performance. Link up with ECU Connect or use the Sports Display to display the current Ethanol blend. A quick check can be carried out when stationary just by pressing the cruise control button to sweep the tacho needle to display ethanol percentage up to 70%

Can Bus Inputs / Outputs

CANbus Inputs

Add a range of external sensor inputs which communicate directly over the CANbus. For example:

  • Zeitronix ECA-2 ethanol sensor
  • Zeitronix ZT-3 wideband sensor
  • Innovate LC-3 multi-sensor
  • ECUmaster CANswitch
  • Autosport AnalogX
  • Custom user-defined CAN sensor

CAN devices such as the AnalogX allow for multiple variable inputs that can be used to import 0-5v sensors, driver trim switches or even a combination including a 0-5v ethanol content signal.

CANbus Outputs

Add external drivers or controllers for boost solenoids, water injection, nitrous control, and even secondary port injection.

RaceROM Sequential Port Injection Controller

Using the Motiv Motorsport Reflex Box, you can bolt-on and control aftermarket port injectors, releasing the power from those bigger turbos and fuel pumps to deliver the maximum performance from your modifications.

Valet Mode

Put the car into a low power mode with limited torque, speed and range, either as a security measure or to allow the car to be limited when handed over to a third party.

Push 2 Pass

An over-boost function when an extra punch of torque is required for a short time at the touch of the button! Press and hold the cruise control set button to push to pass! Typically set to 50nm extra. Antilag is not available which this feature in the same map mode

Custom Maps

RACEROM CUSTOM MAPS allow the tuner to modify the behavior of the factory ECU by inserting additional maps into the ECU’s normal calculations.

For example, these can be for parameters such as ignition timing, fuel, boost and VVT, and inputs and outputs can also be re-purposed to measure custom sensors or solenoids not featured on the standard vehicle.

This facility lets you add custom compensations or even completely replace the calculations that are normally used. For example:

  • Per gear fuel enrichment factor
  • Vehicle speed-based ignition retard
  • Torque reduction for engine oil temperature
  • Throttle reduction for air-flow
  • Torque reduction for wheel-speed differential
  • E85 enrichment factor for injection volume
  • Custom traction control strategies for wheel-speed differential

RaceROM Custom Maps enables you to repurpose an input sensor and actuator output, allowing you to control devices that the manufacturer doesn’t provide ‒ such as a wastegate purge solenoid or intercooler spray pump ‒ or to read data from a custom sensor such as for charge-air temperature, or sensors for ethanol content (Flex-Fuel).

Entire functions can be created by linking maps together, such as:

  • Boost control and wastegate duty feedback by repurposing the Carbon Purge Canister valve to act as a boost control solenoid
  • Enrichment factor for E85 content by connecting a Flex-Fuel sensor in place of the Carbon Purge Canister pressure sensor

Each of the custom maps can be logged and viewed using the ProECU log viewer.

What is the Cost?

The ECUTEK Racerom license prices vary between models, which are listed below.

  • £360 (Inc VAT) for N55, B48, B58 Models
  • £450 (Inc VAT) for S55, S58 Models

    Our ECU Tuning costs are ontop of this, which vary depending on state of tune/requirements

ECU Connect With PhoneFlash

Program and control your car’s ECU with your Phone

Use your phone as a remote control

  • Change your launch RPM
  • Adjust your Gear boost or torque
  • Make your Traction Control more or less aggressive
  • Set up a Push To Pass button
  • Set up a pit lane speed limiter
  • Adjust your factory burbles
  • Switch between up to 4 different driving modes
  • Activate and deactivate Valet Mode
  • Monitor 100s of engine and gearbox parameters
  • Create unlimited personalised dashboards to monitor what you need
  • Read and clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Check your before and after a tune with the Performance Analyser
  • Set up and send logs to your tuner direct from the app

ECU Connect Dashboards

The dashboards feature in ECU Connect allows you to create your own custom displays of real-time data from your vehicle’s ECU.

Creating your perfect custom dashboard is easy with the built-in editor in ECU Connect.

Just some of the dashboards you can create with your own background image

ECUTEK Services we can offer

Custom Tuning

All ECU remaps are carried out on our State of the Art 4WD Dyno Dynamics Dynotech rolling road, which can accurately read upto 2400HP

ECUTEK Bluetooth Dongle

We can supply ECUTEK Bluetooth dongle kits, available on our online shop


Interested in getting your car tuned with ECUTEK? Get in touch to discuss....