xHP ZF Gearbox Tuning

Transmission Control Unit (TCU) tune for your ZF6 / ZF8 automatic gearbox

xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning solution for BMW’s with ZF6HP and ZF8HP automatic transmissions. This groundbreaking piece of software unlocks the BMW ZF automatic gearboxes, allowing for faster shift times, more power & better response. With three stages of tune for the ZF gearboxes, all set up slightly differently to suit different styles of driving.

At WG Motorworks we are a official dealer for xHP, with advanced unrivaled software for the ZF gearboxes it is a no brainer for us to offer tunes that have had extensive research and development  to complement our ECU mapping services for that complete enhanced experience. Which the benefits are not necessary leading down to increased power, but an overall change in driving experience in day to day driving situations, with or without a ECU tune we can promise you won't be disappointed! 24Hr Money back guarantee is offered with this service.

Enhance the performance of your BMW dramatically!

Get more Torque, faster Shifts, stronger Throttle-Blips, adjustable Launch Control and much more!

Stage 1 xHP Tune

The Stage 1 files focus on economy and comfort, by upshifting early in D-Mode and locking up the torque converter sooner, compared to the factory calibrations. MPG gain to be expected (depending on vehicle and drivin environment) between 5% and 15%.

  • Gear Display in Dash in all modes (where available)
  • Early torque converter lock-up
  • Shift strategys altered for economy and comfort
  • Adapted torque limits for tuned engines
  • Torque Limits set to 1000 Nm (737ftlb)
  • Kickdown delete in Manual Mode
Unlock the hidden potential

Available for over 200 BMW Models from 2003 to present, xHP Flashtool is the world's leading solution for enhancing your Auto – Transmission!

Stage 2 xHP Tune

The Stage 2 files are for people wanting faster shifts and a more responsive driving experience, but not want to sacrifice any comfort.

  • Gear display in Dash in all modes (where available)
  • Optimized D & S shift points for better acceleration in part and full throttle situations
  • Approx. 25% faster shifts overall
  • Faster paddle response time
  • Optimised Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear
  • Torque Limits set to 1000 Nm (737 ftlb)
Enhance the performance of your BMW dramatically!

Get more Torque, faster Shifts, stronger Throttle-Blips, adjustable Launch Control and much more!

Stage 3 xHP Tune

The Stage 3 files are our most sporty calibrations, changing the driving experience totally. While all Stage 3 files retain full comfort and can be used in every daily car, the behaviour changes when switching to S or M. Massively reduced shift times and throttle blips in manual mode show what your auto transmission is capable of. On top of  Stage 2 features include;

  • Torque limits raised to maximum
  • Approx. 25% faster shifts in D mode
  • Approx. 50% faster shifts in S and M mode
  • Rev-Matched downshifting (Throttle-Blip)
  • True Manual Mode (no forced upshift at RPM limiter)
  • Instant paddle response time
  • Raised line pressure for better holding power!

Super 6 Speed Licence

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Super 8 Speed Licence

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Installed at our workshop for £275inc VAT

The "Super License 6-Speed" packs the most popular stuff from xHP for your 6-Speed Automatic BMW! This license includes Stage 1,2 and 3 maps + the flashing license, Everything in one sweep.

  • Enables unlimited flashing for a single Vehicle (VIN - Lock)
  • Includes Stage 1,2,3 maps from the xHP Store
  • Includes ALL future OTS updates
  • Enables to flash custom maps
  • Let's you revert your vehicle to stock anytime