In this document the following meanings apply:

'Consumer' shall have the meaning ascribed in section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977
'Customer' means any person who purchases Goods and Services from the Supplier
'Goods' means the articles specified in the Proposal
'Proposal' means a statement of work, verbal quotation or similar document describing the Goods and Services to be provided by the Supplier
'Services' means the services specified in the proposal
'Supplier' means WG Motorworks Ltd
'Us' means WG Motorworks Ltd
'We' means WG Motorworks Ltd
'Terms and Conditions' means the terms and conditions of supply set out in the document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Supplier.

The customer must ensure that the vehicle has been maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations including relevant servicing maintenance and that it is in full and total roadworthy condition.

The customer is therefore happy to allow his/her vehicle to be remapped at his/her own personal risk thus absolving supplier of any responsibility should any failure occur.

The customer accepts the risk of engine tuning, exceeding factory limitations can increase stress on components, thus leading to potential failure at later date.

The customer should notify us prior to the booking date if there are concerns regarding the cars health, we can then have the correct staff and parts ready to repair prior to working on the vehicle.

The customer must inform us of any previous work carried out on the vehicle that they are aware of that might affect the job we are undertaking

The customer is expected to have a certain level of mechanical sympathy; abuse when cold or hot will cause excessive wear on engine parts, especially turbochargers. Failures that are deemed to be from abuse will not be covered under warranty

The customer must understand once the power/stress levels are increased on components within the engine bay, standard servicing sdchuel should be increased depending on usuage

The customer is advised to take an extended test drive in the local area before setting off home;  to ensure they are happy, any concerns should be notifed asap.

WG Motorworks expects no responsibility for hardware failure when carrying out software-only upgrades

WG Motorworks accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred whilst the Remapping is in operation or at any time after.

WG Motorworks can refuse any work if vehicles are not in a roadworthy condition. E.g. Bald Tyres, Expired MOT / Tax, Cars that are not in a fit state for tuning work will also be refused, it is expected that a car is in perfect health before any power increase. Any deposit will be lost in this instance.

WG Motorworks advise most performance orientated hardware is sold without warranty, due to the nature of use, cars used on Track / Race have no warranty

We cannot guarantee any power figures that we may quote. Many factors effect final results, quotes provided are guides lines of what we would expect. Power figures can alter due to the health of the engine and other components on the vehicle.

Power figure chasing is not our aim, nor is falsifying results. Creating maxium gains with the presented hardware is our aim, we do not go beyond our usual safe parameters, compromising the reliability of the engine and parts fitted.

WG Motorworks are not liable for any recovery costs due to a break down or issue with your vehicle before or after we have worked on it. We strongly advise all customers to have their own adequate Breakdown Cover that would include recovery to our workshop.

The customer must hold Recovery and Breakdown cover at the level of cover must allow recovery to our workshop, not just a local garage. WG Motorworks will not accept liability if taken to third party garage first.

WG Motorworks do not offer a mobile workshop service, nor can we collect cars free of charge should any problems occur.

WG Motorworks does not accept liberty of loss of earning or recovery costs regardless of fault in the case of a break down

It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with UK road rules and laws.

WG Motorworks accepts no responsibility for the use non-MOT legal parts installed on the public roads, these parts are sold for OFF Road use only.

WG Motorworks does not accept any responsibility if the customer uses their vehicle on the road / Fails MOT / receives points on their licence

For VOSA Annual MOT inspection, if fitted at the factory, a Catalyst / GFP / DPF Unit must be present at the time of test.

All work carried out by WG Motorworks related to Catalytic Converter / DPF / GPF / EGR Removal is deemed as for Motorsport / Off-Road use only. WG Motorworks not be held responsible for any future actions or issues relating to the Catalytic Converter / DPF / GPF / EGR removal.


WG Motorworks reserve the right to request a deposit at the time of booking an appointment in our workshop or for special order parts.

This deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel your appointment. If you do not or cannot attend an appointment, please do not ask us to refund the deposit paid. Some circumstances we may allow you to change your appointment to a more suitable date, but will require at least 2 weeks notice to do this.

This deposit is to cover our workshop costs in case of no show / last minutre cancellation, where we will have to pay staff / overheads. This deposit is to secure a booking slot date / time.

All vehicles booked in for work need to be with us at the time slot provided, we advise to aim to arrive at least 30mins prior to this. Workshop schedules are tight and do not allow for late arrivals, this could effect your deposit.

Work not included as part of the initial booking may incur extra charges, and will only be started providing we have enough time to complete the job without affecting other appointments in the diary.

Customers who would like to wait with their car must stay in the designated customer area and not cross into the workshop areas due to insurance liability and injury risk. Anyone entering the workshop does so at there own risk.

Customers MUST NOT enter the workshop while the Dyno is being run. Failure to adhere to this could result in Injury. WG Motorworks will not take any responsibility of injury in these circumstances .

Customers should notify WG Motorworks of any recording equipment fitted in vehicle (i.e Dash Cameras, Go Pro's, etc). These MUST be switched off for the full amount of time the vehicle is in our possession. Otherwise WG Motorworks will remove these, lose of footage or damage will not be covered.

If Customers do not wish for us to share photos of their vehicle (with or without registration showing) on our social media pages they must request this. We will not be held liable for any issues caused by posting any photos.

Customers who drop their cars off out of hours, without handing a key to staff memeber do so at their own risk - we do will not accept liability of the vehicle until we have received the keys personally

Customers collecting their car out of hours, requesting their keys to be left in a safe place accept the risk that their car is no longer in WG Motorworks possession once the keys are removed from site.

WG Motorworks insurces vehicles that are in our possession until the work has been completed, insurance covered market value, not including modifications.

If a Vehicle is not collected one week after completion / vehicle collection  request, insurance will not longer cover the car, and storage could be charged

All customers must pay for their parts / invoices in full prior to removing property or vehicles from our premises, It is our right to withhold keys until payment is made in full.

We do not offer credit terms under any circumstances.

All goods remain the property of WG Motorworks Ltd until paid for in full.

Genuine and OEM Parts typcially carry 1 Year Warranty when fitted in a standard car. With most manufacturers, any performance enhancing modifications will void the warranty on those parts. Typically OEM parts warranty has to carried out by the Main dealer, we are unable to authorise parts warranty on genuine parts in house

For any aftermarket/upgrade parts the warranty lies with the manufacturer and in most cases there is no warranty other than for manufacturing defects. Due to the nature of perforamnce parts.

In all warranty cases, the manufacturer and WG Motorworks are not liable for any labour cost claims, unless otherwise agreed

In the event of a warranty claim, we will require the item to inspect or to send to the manufacturer to follow their claims procedure. If you require a replacement item to ensure your vehicle is not off the road for a prolonged period, we reserve the right to charge for the replacement item. Upon a successful claim, this charge would be refunded. If the claim is not upheld, we will return your items to you in the condition they were sent and no refund will be made. If Warranty claim this succesful, part depending we may beable to offset / claim warranty labour.

Warranty Exclusions,

Damage caused by your failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent mechanical damage from occurring, for example, taking appropriate action in the event of warning lights appearing.

Damage or defects caused by not having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's / WG Motorworks recommendations.

Damage or defects caused by improper use of the vehicle, neglect, abuse or use of the vehicle for motorsport activities.

Accident damage.