Corsa D VXR

WGM Corsa D VXR Engine Tuning 

The Corsa VXR, was the first turbo charged Corsa to be released by Vauxhall with a brand new designed 1.6 Turbo charged engine featuring a small but responsive and K03 turbo.

Corsa VXR

Out of the box this engine produces power figures 192PS (189bhp) with 230NM (170lbft) of torque, but this is far from its potential.

WGM Stage 1

Our ECU remaps will transform the cars power to around 205bhp with up to 220lbft of torque without any hardware modifications. We can bring big gains in performance and drivability with our in house custom remap software.

While level 1 is suitable on a completely standard car we recommend the addition of precat removal pipe and performance panel filter.

WGM Stage 1.5

The biggest limitation of this engine is it’s injectors as standard, before you can safely gain the rest of the power normally available from a level 1 tune they must be uprated to ensure safe fuel flow into your engine. Depending on your end goal we either recommend 395cc or 540cc injectors. We can then offer you an ECU remap of 220-225bhp.

WGM Stage 2

The limitation for the car is now removing heat from the engine by extracting exhaust gases quickly. We therefore fit a free flowing turbo back exhaust system with options on sports cats and silencers to suit your taste. Here you expect 230-235bhp with up to 230lbft. This is completed with an updated ECU remap to suit the hardware modifications.

WGM Stage 3

The next constraint to tackle is intake temperatures. With increased boost the standard intercooler is at it’s limit. We now fit our proven efficient intercooler to reduce intake temperatures and increase air flow through the inlet pipe work. This gives are car with more consistent power in hot weather and prolonged hard usage. Read more about our intercooler testing here. The added benefit is the engine runs more efficiently so another ECU remap upgrade will increase power to around 240-245bhp and up to 260lbft.


The standard spark plugs life span also starts to be effected so we do recommend a high heat rated plug for longer service life.

WGM Stage 4

The bottle neck after stage 3 is the standard Ko3 turbocharger, removing this turbo and switching to the Astra’s Ko4 turbo on a manifold suitable to house the new turbo is the next step, allowing a massive increase of air flow into the 1.6. At This point it is highly recommended to Forge the internals of the Corsa, due to the standard weak engine.

Larger MAF and suitable injectors will be required at this stage

Using our own high compression pistons, 270-290bhp and upto 290lbft


WGM Stage 4.5

Standard camshafts are very restrictive on the 1.6 Turbo engine, designed for low down performance and economy with only a tiny 7.3mm lift. Switching to Performance Fast Road Cams, both inlet and exhaust camshafts are changed allowing us to flow more air into the engine by opening the valves higher, as well as longer , dramatically changing the flow characteristics of the Engine, widening the power curve even more, and retaining power all the way past 7200rpm

It is also recommend to uprate the valve springs for higher boost and higher RPM reliability

290-310bhp and upto 290lbft

WGM Stage 5

Our stage 5 packages are well known for pushing the limits of the these small cubic capacity (CC) engines, We offer motorsport turbos with beautiful tubular manifolds. Additionally, supporting modifications also already avaible,  such as : Uprated clutch/flywheel packages; uprated engine mounts; limited slip diffs; camshafts; valve springs; valves and oil coolers.

400 -450HP builds are a common site with WG Motorworks builds across the country!