Corsa E VXR

The Corsa E VXR continues along a similar vein to its older brother, the Corsa D VXR. Both generations of the VXR have many similar components, including the engine, drivetrain and chassis hardware.

The 1.6 turbo-charged engine has been retained, however one key change for us is the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which is now completely different, running a torque based AC Delco E83, as opposed to the Bosch ME7 used in the older VXR variants. Compared to its predecessor, power output has been increased to 205PS and Torque increased by 36LBFT across the rev range.

For those who are new to the VXR range and unfamiliar with 1.6 Turbo engine, like most things in life, there are good and bad points! In standard form, the engine internals are not deemed to be particularly strong, in fact they are often referred to as having ‘chocolate pistons’ However, once the cast pistons and connecting rods are replaced with superior forged items, running 400HP+ and 8000rpm+ becomes easy work for this power unit, In fact, these engines are turned into a tuner’s delight!

VXR Engine ECU tuning is offered using Rabbid Tuning ECU software with its proven calibrations, various options are available. Standard internal 'safe' tunes have been produced to ensure ever precaution is taken. High toruque / maxium power options are available for engines with forged internals. Click here for software info

For the power hungry folk, or those who simply want to improve their soundtrack - plenty of upgrades can be offered from MOT legal exhaust systems to full on track ready systems (Not road legal), along with Hybrid or Motorsport turbo chargers and upgrades to the engine internals. Click here for Performance Upgrades

For those Track Addicts, Nurburgring goers or simply for those who have increased their power and want a chassis to match, we can offer simple upgrades from lowering springs and performance pads to full coilover systems, uprated anti roll bars and limited slip differentials. Click here for Chassis Upgrades

– The factory calibration is extremely rich (down between 9:1 to 10:1), and it appears to have errors in the MAF calibration.  After re-calibrating and straightening out the air fuel ratio, good economy gains should be seen
– The Corsa D injectors were maxed out by Stage 1, whereas good news on the Corsa E is that Vauxhall have fitted it with ~345cc injectors as standard. which should comfortably see around 260HP before changing
– The stock intercooler is also very poor, we observed over 80C intake temperatures in 30C ambient conditions and over 65C in 20C outside temps. The car quickly begins to heat soak, therefor an uprated intercooler would make a good addition to keep the power consistent
– We discovered that the new style MAF sensor fitted to the car maxes out at ~220HP with a Stage 1 remap. Therefore to safely tune above 220HP an uprated MAF sensor pipe will need to be installed. We would consider it dangerous to tune further without one, to avoid symptoms such as lean running, knock,  or even engine failure

Features that we can access for the AC Delco ECU:

– Larger Injector Calibration, which is required when running over 260HP
– Larger MAF Sensor Calibration, which is needed for over 225HP
– Closed Loop Boost Control, Upto 2 Bar Currently
– Catalytic Diagnostics Delete
– Rear O2 Sensor Delete

WGM Level Packages info-
– All power / torque gains can vary car to car, therefore the above is an approximate guide of what would would expect +/-5
– To optimal results, we recommend filling up with Tesco 99 or Shell Nitro- any other ‘Super unleaded’ fuel could lead to lower then expected results
– 95 RON/supermarket fuel should never be used, even on a standard factory map
– We recommend forging engine internals prior to tuning, although this is not mandatory
– With standard internals, torque is limited to around 240-260TQ
– Although peak torque gains will be limited, overall ‘uder curve’ torque will increase, making a ‘flatter’ torque curve
– Our software can be customised to your specific car for optimal gains
– Stage packages do not require step by step tuning, you can go straight to the package that suits power / budget
– For returning customers who wish to upgrade to the next stage, please contact for upgrade pricing

Stage 1

Many hours of Dyno based research on both of our development cars, along with intensive ‘real life’ testing on the road culminated in gains of exactly 20 BHP over standard at peak RPM, with under the curve gains of 30HP / 40LBFT.  This is as far as we can push the car without upgrading the intake, due to the restriction of the standard MAF sensor

With our 'Stage 1' software upgrades the following features are included:

  • Increased Rev limiter (7000RPM)
  • Factory MAF Calibration corrected

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:




WGM Stage 1 Tuning Package

Stage 2

Removing exhaust restriction is the first hardware change we recommend for the B16LER Engine. The main (Primary) catalyst is the cause of the biggest restriction for the turbocharger. Removing this restriction allows the exhaust gases to escape quicker and as a result reduces exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s). We replace this with a 3″ decat downpipe, allowing much quicker turbo spool, and therefore more power and torque, along with improved exhaust note.

The next obstruction comes from the intake, whereby the standard 70mm MAF housing was unable to read correctly above an airflow requirement which results in approximately 220HP. In order to allow the ECU to function as it was intended, larger diameter intake pipework is required. We have addressed this with an 80mm induction kit, with built in MAF boss to which utilises the standard sensor. Once MAF calibration was completed to suit, the ECU was able to correctly meter air mass flow past the level required for 220HP, enabling us to continue with our stage 2 upgrades.

With our 'Stage 2' software upgrades the following are included:

  • Increased Rev limiter (700RPM)
  • ECU Calibration to suit 80mm MAF
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

240-250LBFT (260-270LBFT Hi Torque)

WGM Stage 2 Tuning Package

Stage 3

The next limitation is intake temperatures- one of the key factors when it comes to consistent performance. Constant prolonged hard usage and the warmer summer months produced what we deem to be very high intake temperatures, which in turn create greater power losses and higher exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s). During our testing we saw inlet temps as high as 70+ degrees on the dyno on the factory map! (33 degree dyno room temps)

Intake temperatures dropped by as much as 35 degrees with our R&D intercooler from Airtec Cooling Solutions. We were very impressed with the results the intercooler produced on dyno, and it was even better on the road, where even on a top-speed run, the intake temperatures did not go over 40 degrees on hot summer day.

With our 'Stage 3' software upgrades the following are included:

  • Increased Rev limiter (7000RPM)
  • ECU Calibration to suit 80mm MAF
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

245-255LBFT (270-290LBFT Hi Torque)

WGM Stage 3 Tuning Package

Stage 4

The standard Ko3 turbocharger is operating at its limit at around 250HP, therefore the next logical step is to install a hybrid turbocharger. This upgrade takes the standard Borg Warner turbocharger housing and utilises the Ko4 exhaust wheel from its big brother (the Astra J VXR), along with larger billet compressor wheel machined and profiled by Turbo Dynamics. Before the power can be increased any further larger fuel injectors are required to be installed, with injector duty limit of the standard items nearing the maximum recommended safe limit at a power level o 260HP. Installing the direct replacement Bosch injectors allows enough fuelling capacity for approximately 430HP.

Forged Internals mandatory

With our 'Stage 4' software upgrades the following are included:

  • Increased Rev limiter (7500RPM)
  • ECU Calibration to suit 80mm MAF
  • ECU Calibration to suit Larger Injectors
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

Upto 300LBFT

WGM Stage 4 Tuning Package

Stage 4.5

The standard camshafts are very restrictive on the 1.6 Turbo engine, with a specification biased towards emissions requirements, low down performance and economy utilising a tiny 7.3mm lift and mild duration. When switching to our performance Fast Road Cams, both inlet and exhaust camshafts are changed allowing us to flow more air into the engine by increasing the lift and duration specifications, dramatically changing the flow characteristics of the Engine, widening the power band even more, and retaining power all the way past 7200rpm

When fitting these camshafts It is also recommended to upgrade the valve springs for higher boost and improved high RPM reliability

With our 'Stage 4.5' software upgrades the following are included:

  • Increased Rev limiter (7500RPM)
  • ECU Calibration to suit 80mm MAF
  • ECU Calibration to suit Larger Injectors
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

Upto 290LBFT

WGM Stage 4.5 Tuning Package

Stage 5

Our stage 5 packages are well known for pushing the limits of the these small cubic capacity (CC) engines, We offer motorsport turbochargers with beautiful hand made tubular exhaust manifolds. We can also offer additional supporting modifications such as : Uprated clutch/flywheel packages, uprated engine mounts, limited slip differentials, even more aggressive camshafts, uprated valve train components such as double springs and even the valves themselves and we also offer fully Blueprinted engine builds for those looking for maximum output.

With our 'Stage 5' software upgrades the following are included:

  • Increased Rev limiter (8500RPM)
  • Complete Bespoke Remapping service,
  • ECU Calibration to suit 90mm MAF
  • ECU Calibration to suit Larger Injectors
  • ECU Calibration to suit Larger MAP sensor
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

Upto 350LBFT

WGM Stage 5 Tuning Package


Dyno Testing

All ECU remaps are carried out on our State of the Art Dyno Dynamics Dynotech rolling road, which can accurately read upto 1200HP

Data Logging

Each car is hooked up to a Wide band lambda sensor to ensure correct air to fuel ratio, along with data logging tools to ensure Boost, Ignition timing parameters are all in check

Diagnostic Check

We carry out a pre and post tuning ECU diagnostic trouble code check (DTC) to ensure no faults are present before or after tuning