We have had quite the journey with Marcus's M140i, it all started a few years ago when Marcus didn't want to go to the usual local places where all his friends were going for tuning. Wanting to be different from the crowd - and we are glad he did!

The first upgrade we carried out was the usual stage 2 tuning, which is well covered in our tuning guide section. The next step was clearly in preparation for Stage 3! Upgrading the high-pressure fuel pump saw Marcus running stage 2+, which quickly boosted into a Pure800 Hybrid turbocharger! Allowing us to carry out some testing/development for Stage 3, learning as we went - with a few increases each visit with Charge pipe to finally Port meth installation we carried out - this yielded some very nice power and torque gains thanks to ignition timing improvements.

Punching around 650HP at this point, an Officially Gassed video was carried out - where the pure power of this B58 was shown in the rolling races.

A turbo kit come up, which was quickly snatched up and installed now seeing a Borg Warner EFR Turbocharger fitted to a tubular manifold, which sounds like a 2JZ!

The setup is now producing in excess of 700HP, and recording a 100-200 time of 4.8 at this moment in time. With plenty of room for improvements - however, this is still running a standard engine!