Airtec Motorsport Front Cooling Guide for Toyota Yaris GR ATMSYGR09

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As part of our expanding Yaris GR product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our front cooling guide upgrade suitable for track or fast road use.

The guide offers a simple solution to improving the transmission and transfer box’s cooling ability, which helps to ensure rising temperatures don’t cause any damage.

How it works
When the oil inside the gearbox and transfer box gets hot, its ability to lubricate and protect both the gears and LSD is reduced. This is more likely to occur during extended periods of hard use, such as on track, so it is beneficial to stabilise and reduce temperatures in order to limit premature wear.

The AIRTEC Motorsport cooling guide works by directing fast-flowing air passing underneath the car towards the gearbox and transfer box casings. By providing a sustained flow of fresh air to towards these items, their ability to withstand heat soak is increased, which therefore allows them to better control operating temperatures in comparison to standard.

Version 2 Now Available
Our Version 2 edition is now made from high-quality injection moulded plastic and is a complete one-piece item that is double-skinned to ensure it is fully enclosed. It also features better heat resistant properties than the previous aluminium version, yet is still both incredibly lightweight and strong.

Available in a red finish, the guide fits to the original undertray and comes complete with all the correct fixtures and fittings, as well as detailed instructions.


You will need to cut the original under tray to fit this product


Directs a flow of fresh air to help cool the gearbox and transfer box casings
Helps to reduce transmission running temperature
Version 2 now made from high-quality injection moulded plastic
Red finish with raised AIRTEC Motorsport logo
Attaches to the original undertray
Registered Design Right number: 6303750