DNA Racing Corsa Top Mount Kit Coilover

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DNA Racing Corsa Top Mount Kit Coilover

This kit is for adjustable height tyre coil-over shock absorber (like Bilstein B14)
The top mount is a component that is interposed between the shock and the body of the vehicle. In order to improve the steering precision and the structural strength of the system, in particular in the case of rigid springs set up, it is recommended to replace this with a motorsport type one: the replacement of the rubber with a ball joint allows to increase the steering precision and a better functioning of the spring-damper that will not work on rubber any more.
Our kit allows you to adjust caster and camber angle up to around -3 °, to: the increase of this angle will get the best wheel contact to the ground. This will improve the handling, steering response and suspension precision.


  • Materials: Ergal 
  • Finishing: Anodizing

  • Weight: 750 gr cad


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