do88 Performance Intake Induction Kit for Toyota Yaris GR Gazoo Racing

£559.90 Inc Vat

The best performance turbo air intake system for the Toyota Yaris GR on the market! If you have high power goals then upgrade to the absolute best!


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Key advantages with do88 performance intake system:

10% better air flow than OE airbox with open flap. (Note that OE airbox with open flap will draw hot air from the engine bay. The flap is open during full throttle)
12°C lower IAT (post intercooler) compared to OE air box
High quality BMC air filter element with large filtering area
Aluminium air mass meter housing with CNC machined flange
Our intake system is designed to improve the flow/lower the negative pressure and at the same time only draw cold air. The original intake system and also many aftermarket intake systems draw hot air from the engine compartment, resulting in very high IAT and therefore loss in power/performance. Our system is a true cold air intake.

Always be aware that the OEM intake system and air filter were designed for the power level the car was built for originally. A power increase may cause your stock intake system to not perform well enough. If your intake system doesn’t have the performance you need it will be to tough for the turbocharger to get the air it needs, this will lower engine efficiency and you will lose horsepower. Even on an engine with a software tune, the do88 intake system will give a performance increase over the OEM air box!

do88 performance turbo air intake system comes as a complete package with all parts necessary for installation.