do88 Performance Turbo Inlet Pipe for BMW M2 Competition, M3, M4 S55 OE Turbos 41mm

£316.70 Inc Vat

DO88 Performance turbo inlets designed for an easy drop-in-fitment in your BMW M2 / M3 / M4 F8X.


The S55 twin-turbo engine that powers the BMW M2C / M3 / M4 F8X is equipped with quite restrictive inlet pipes to the turbochargers. Reducing the restrictions on the turbo inlet side is of great importance on any performance build!

With our performance turbo inlets we offer a solution that minimises the air flow restrictions just before the turbochargers! To get an exact 3D-model of the available space to design our turbo inlets in we did a detailed 3D-scan of our M3 Competition engine bay. With the help of this 3D-scan model we could design new turbo inlets that improve the air flow in this extremely limited space.

Our final design is a package with front and rear turbo inlets. Our rear turbo inlet consists of a custom designed aluminium pipe with a welded CNC machined turbo connection radius flange. Our front turbo inlet consists of a 3D freeform designed steel wire reinforced silicone hose that connects to the turbocharger using a CNC machined radius adapter. We include matte black hose clamps for a clean stealthy look.

Significant advantages with do88 turbo inlet pipes (stock comparison numbers):

Larger diameter: 63mm (55 mm), results in 33% larger flow area!
Air flow at 75 mbar/1,09psi pressure drop, 778 CFM (690 CFM), do88 13 % higher flow!
CNC machined turbo flanges with flow optimized radius!
Steel wire reinforced silicone hose for best durability.

NOTE: During installation of this kit you might need to replace a few screws, nuts and gaskets not included in this kit. See first page of installation instruction for further information.

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