Engine Oil Cooler for BMW M3 E9x

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The MMR Performance Oil Cooler for BMW M3 E9x is an essential fit for any hard-driven M3, especially those running high power levels or in extreme climates. Increased oil temperatures means only one thing: a decrease in the ability for your engine to stay properly lubricated.

Under hard driving, the stock oil cooler is easily overwhelmed. Failures start to occur when oil cannot dissipate its collected heat fast enough and the oil begins to thin and degrade – losing its lubrication properties.

The MMR Oil Cooler Kit solves this problem: by adding in an additional air to oil cooler positioned right in the airflow in the front of the car, oil temperatures are reduced by around 15 – 20 degrees centigrade (of course dependant on how the car is being used, ambient temps and state of tune). The core itself has a 77cm width, and 6.5cm depth.

The MMR Performance E9x M3 Oil Cooler will fit in the same location as the factory cooler, making it compatible with any surrounding modifications in which the factory cooler still fits.

Whether you have a supercharger or you are simply looking to add reliability with vastly improved oil cooling to your factory-spec M3, this oil cooler will help keep your oil temperatures in check, whether in demanding, on-track conditions or sitting in traffic.

Core Dimensions: Width 77cm Height 11.5cm Depth 6.5cm

For cars built around and prior to 03/2008 you may need to upgrade your oil lines. BMW superseded oil lines on early vehicles and they are physically different. The MMR oil cooler is designed for vehicles with the later spec lines. These oil lines are available direct from your local BMW dealer.

Early Cars – with these part numbers below, will need to be updated to the later revised versions:

HOSE 1- 17222283417
HOSE 2 – 17222283418
ORING – 2 x 17212283511

Later Cars – revised versions – no changes required:
HOSE 1 – 17222284077
HOSE 2 – 17222284078
ORING – 2 x 17222284079

To check, you can use with your VIN to see which oil lines your vehicles may have.