King Racing Main Bearings for BMW B58 M140i M240i 340i 440i

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The “next generation” of high performance bearings for use in applications where traditional lead copper race bearings are at their limits.

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GPC Silver Based.

GPC Race Bearings combines a unique Silver Based tri-metal structure with advanced factory applied Polymer Coating to give a bearing with the highest load bearing capapcity on the market.

Intermediate layer
Modified engines can suffer from issues such as low oil pressure and oil starvation, which can cause premature rod and/or main bearing failure. Additionally, the greater loads and increased cylinder pressures can easily fatigue street duty engine bearings, again leading to premature failure.
King Engine Bearings offers superior engine bearing choices designed to outperform anything available in the market today. Our advanced technology bearing materials and constructions enable high-end engine builder to achieve the performance his clients demand and the reliability they require. Whether for all-out racing competition or combination street/strip ego indulgence, King has the right bearing for every requirement.

Designed to protect the engine in case of oil starvation and metal-to-metal contact, combined with silver based overlay gives a 17,000psi load rating.

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Bearing Size

STD, STDX, 0.25mm