Millway Motorsport Diff Lift Street Kit for BMW M2 F87, M3 F80, M4 F82 F83

£1,206.50 Inc Vat

Includes both bushes & shrink tool.


Street version of the dual mount diff lift kit M2 M3 M4 F8x.

On lowered vehicles it becomes necessary to raise the rear differential housing in order to dial out the compromised driveshaft angles. Poor drive shaft angles, saps power and causes premature ware to the CV joints. Using the Millway’s lift kit, close to OE angles can be achieved even with drops of 50mm.
This kit requires two bushes to be installed in the rear subframe. It is available with either 1 or 2 bushes depending if you have already upgraded that bush. You will also need the special shrink tool to install the bushes, see tick box on the right.