MMR Performance BMW S55 M2c M3 M4 Top Mount Charge Cooler MMR05-1001

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The MMR Performance Top Mount Charge Cooler for the S55 engine found in the F8x M Cars improves power and torque output significantly by substantially reducing charge air temperatures versus the OE cooling setup.

This intercooler core was directly developed for the high requirements of the BMW M3/M4 and offers 114% more external core volume compared to the stock intercooler.

The core itself uses internal turbulators to improve its cooling performance and the CFD optimised cast end tanks assist with maintaining the best possible airflow across the core.


  •  287 mm x 185 mm x 115 mm Tube and Fin Core
  • Delivers substantial temperature drop across the core, with minimal impact on pressure drop
  • Anti-corrosive thermal coating
  • Easy installation

Please note, to fit onto an M2 Competition this will require slight trimming of the bonnet

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