Ohlins BMW M2 M2 Competition F87 BMS-MR40 Road & Track Coilovers Including Springs

£3,051.91 Inc Vat

General Features:
DFV technology (Dual Flow Valve)
Height adjustable
Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227)
2 year limited warranty
Delivery incl. springs

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Kit includes springs:
Front springs: 48010-27 x2
Rear springs: G47090-55 x2

The Ohlins Road & Track kit has been designed to give a ride smooth enough be used on the road whilst retaining the ability to offer competent performance on the track. Ohlins have decades of experience in building high end performance dampers and the road and track kits have been developed to bring some of that technology to the road at a reasonable cost.

The damping rate on the Ohlins Road &amp| Track units is fully adjustable and ties compression and rebound together as a matched setting. In 95% of cases the Ohlins dampers will suit the customers needs straight from the box, although further assistance can be provided if required.

Many of the applications available are ride height adjustable without affecting the fitted length and preload of the spring, although spring preload can also be adjusted. A unique feature on the Ohlins Road &amp| Track dampers is the Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology. This additional valve supports the basic function of the main piston by allowing increased oil flow through ports in the DFV with sudden damper accelerations. This translates to a more supple ride on uneven road surfaces and harsh high damper speed impacts. The one way adjuster allows simple changes between firm and soft settings via the adjuster.