Piper Cam A20NFT Camshafts Fast Road Spec – RE-PROFILE

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Your stock cams are required to be shipped to us / Piper, this is a re-profile service only.

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Piper Cam A20NFT Camshafts Fast Road Spec

Piper Cams have been designing and manufacturing performance camshafts and exhausts since the late 1960’s. Continuous investment in state-of-the-art machinery has kept us at the forefront of profile design. For some years now we have utilised CNC cam grinding equipment to complement our CNC workshop facilities, all of which allow us to hold the very closest tolerances.

  • As part of our WGM Stage 4+ package, these camshafts are designed to run on OE Rocker ratio set up and Valve springs (uprated Valve springs can be fitted)
  • Simply swap your standard cams for these (direct fit with, using Standard timings settings)  will provide a substantial increase in HP, the larger the turbo – the larger the increase over the standard ones!
  • For optimal gains, camshaft timing can be adjusted within the ECU controlling the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) parameters

The A20NFT – LHU Engine is Direct Injection (DI), this system works on 2 pressure side, Low Pressure (LP) and High Pressure (HP)

The low-pressure side is controlled at a fixed pressure using a fuel pressure regular (FPR) in the tank. When the low-pressure side starts to drop this will affect the high pressure. (please see Low pressure in-tank pumps for more info) 

The High-pressure side pumps the 4Bar (60Psi) FP that the low-pressure supplies to create upto 2200Psi! As HP increases, and as long as LP FP is stable – there will come a point where the high demand fuel pressure cannot be maintained, 

The fuel lobe on the camshaft is what is used to create this pressure as a pump-action, with all WGM Piper Camshafts we have engineered the Lobe with increase stroke that will allow for upto 20% fuel availability, 

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