REVIN Bolt-On Kit for BMW E30 E34 E36 E46 E8x E9x

£108.00 Inc Vat

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Unleash the precision of your Revin BMW Shifter without the hassle of drilling! Our innovative Bolt-On Shifter Kit streamlines the installation process for both the Revin BMW Street and Race versions, allowing you to effortlessly upgrade your E30, E36, E46, E8X, or E9X in no time.

This ingenious solution utilizes existing mounting points in your vehicle, eliminating the need for drilling and ensuring a secure fit. Forget frustration and wasted time – our meticulously designed kit gets you back on the road experiencing the exhilarating performance of your Revin Shifter faster than ever.

But the benefits don’t stop at speed. The Bolt-On Shifter Kit doubles as a protective barrier, shielding your Revin Shifter from dust and debris. This keeps your gear changes smooth and precise for countless miles, while maintaining the clean aesthetics of your meticulously maintained BMW interior. Upgrade your driving experience and protect your investment – install your Revin Shifter with confidence and ease using the Bolt-On Shifter Kit!