REVIN Race Short Shifter Kit for BMW E30 E34 E36 E46 E8x E9x

£474.00 Inc Vat

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Imagine your gear changes as smooth and precise as a dancer’s steps. The clunky stock shifter holding you back? The Revin Short Shifter for BMW transforms your driving experience into an art form.

Every shift becomes a confident flick of the wrist, thanks to a 40% reduction in throw distance. But Revin isn’t just about speed. Our self-centering spring effectively reduces shifter movement caused by gearbox wear by up to 95%, resulting in a more precise and connected feel, just like a seasoned dancer maintaining perfect control.

Command every gear with confidence. The Revin Short Shifter’s elevated design brings the shift knob closer to the wheel, minimizing hand travel and reaction time. Need to focus on a tricky maneuver? Engage a higher gear and lock it out with the included mechanism for reverse, 5th, and 6th. This innovative feature prevents accidental gear changes, letting you navigate with complete peace of mind.