Revo Tecknik Ford Mustang Mono 6 380mm Big Brake Kit

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Revo Tecknik Ford Mustang Mono 6 380mm Big Brake Kit

The Revo Big Brake Kit Upgrade is engineered to improve your stopping power in any condition. Whilst stock brakes are perfectly adequate for general driving; the braking system is often overlooked when enhancing a vehicles performance. The Revo brake kit is made by world leading brake manufacturer Alcon; utilising over 30 years of motorsport braking innovation only the best materials, techniques and processes have been used.

In depth testing is a key factor in the development of our products; our brake kits have been aggressively tested in a variation of conditions in both road and track scenarios to ensure they meet the constant high stress of track days, sprints and fast road driving. Test kits were installed on our in house development vehicles along with a number of vehicles around the world and put through their paces to prove their worth over the stock setup; providing exceptional performance combined with consistency and durability you can rely on, corner after corner, stop after stop.

Product Features:
– Low Rotational Mass
– Improved Pedal Responsiveness
– Lower Long-term Maintenance Costs
– Superior Heat Dissipation: Less Prone To Fade
– Increased Braking Performance On & Off Track

Our lightweight six pot caliper is a single piece aluminium Mono-bloc design. This design has been used to maximise rigidity, pedal feel and overall braking performance. The caliper incorporates a progressive six piston setup to give great brake balance, and high quality seals increasing resilience to road salts and other corrosive elements.

We use a two piece floating disc and hat design to efficiently dissipate heat. The friction surface features crescent groves designed to increase bite and remove debris from the pad surface giving the perfect balance between brake feel and longevity. The discs feature internal cooling vanes that draw air from the center of the disc outward to maximise heat dissipation and minimise heat transfer to the calipers, pads, and brake fluid, which plays an all important part in providing consistent stopping power for your vehicle.

Brake Pads
We supply our brake kit with Ferodo DS Performance Pads that offer a consistent pedal feel and fantastic braking performance both from cold and when hot. Combined with low wheel dusting, minimal noise characteristics, and low disc and pad wear rates this is the ideal pad compound for general road and track driving.

Brake Lines
Goodridge High Performance BrakeLines. The high performance lines improve pedal feel and give greater braking efficiency, elimate sponginess under heavy braking.

Brake Fluid
Our brakes are supplied with Motul Dot 5.1 brake fluid; specifically designed for brakes systems with ABS. This is a long life synthetic brake fluid with superior boiling point qualities to conventional Dot 3 and 4 spec. fluids.

Package Includes:
– Revo by Alcon Caliper x2 (3.3 Kg Each)
– Revo by Alcon Discs x2 (7.66 Kg Each)
– 6061 Aluminium Anodised Bell x2
– 6061 Aluminium Anodised Caliper Bracket
– Goodrich High Performance Brake Lines
– Motul Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid
– Ferodo DS Performance Brake Pads

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