Sport Suspension Kit, Dampers & Lowering Springs for BMW F2x RWD

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Our MMR Sport Suspension fast-road upgrade for BMW 1 & 2-Series F2x combines our MMR x Bilstein Sport Dampers with perfectly matched MMR Lowering Springs to transform both the appearance and handling dynamics of your car, whilst still retaining a beautifully ride quality.

Give your car a whole new lease of life with the MMR Sport Suspension upgrade. We’ve meticulously struck a ride & handling balance that matches the very best thoroughbred German performance cars – tight, perfectly controlled yet unmistakably sporty.

Many experts consider suspension development to be as much an art as a science. In truth, it’s a bit of both. When it comes to a matched set of Sport Dampers and Lowering Springs at an affordable price, this non-adjustable fast-road kit solves the compromise between performance and comfort for keen BMW 1 & 2-Series F2x drivers.

The kit combines the MMR Sport Damper kit – comprising two front and two rear Tri-Valve dampers – with a set of 4 perfectly-matched MMR Lowering Springs specific to the BMW 1 & 2-Series. These springs provide a drop at the front of 20mm whilst the rear sits lower by 30mm.

Our track & race set-up experience on the F2x-platform has allowed us to develop this fast-road orientated damper exclusively in conjunction with industry-leaders Bilstein. The secret to our development with Bilstein has been to produce a set of shock absorbers with a damping curve that precisely matches the MMR Spring rate.

The Sport Dampers feature a sophisticated dual tube design and low-pressure Nitrogen gas system that ensures the sophisticated ride and handling dynamics and sets them apart from standard OEM dampers. Each damper features three hydraulic valves inside: bump, rebound and a main valve, controlled by low and high-speed shaft frequencies (smooth and rough road conditions).

The result? Together, the spring and damper setup we have reached gives a taught, sporty feel during high speed cornering on smooth surfaces yet always retains comfort on uneven surfaces. A little tighter than factory, sure, but never crashy or uncomfortable.

In other words, appearance, handling and ride quality that’s exactly how a good hot-hatch should be.

The MMR Sport Suspension upgrade consists of:
> Two front and two rear MMR Sport dampers.
> Four MMR Lowering Springs, specific to BMW 1 & 2-Series F2x

We strongly recommend a full 4-wheel alignment after fitment. The Sport Suspension kit is easily fitted by any experienced technician, and fitment is fully reversible should you ever wish to remove them.

* Not applicable for any X-Drive models