Supertech BMW N55 S55 M2 M3 M4 Conical Spring Kit SPRK-FE20N54-BE

£1,132.12 Inc Vat

Set of 24 Valve springs, Caps and seats for upgrading your BMW Valvetrain!

Set includes:
Single springs – 24 pcs. SPR-FE20N54-BE
Titanium retainers – 12 pcs. RET-BMN54-TI (5mm)
Titanium retainers – 12 pcs. RET-BMN54-TE (6mm)


Spring data:
Seat pressure – 75lbs @ 36.50mm
Open (lift) pressure – 155lbs @ 10.00mm
Spring coil bind – 23.20mm
Max lift – 12mm
Rate – 8 lbs./mm
Wide end spring outer diameter – 24.40mm
Wide end spring inner diameter – 17.60mm
Narrow end spring outer diameter – 21.00mm
Narrow end spring inner diameter – 14.30mm

  • N54, N55, S55

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