Supertech Z16/A16/B16 Double Valve Springs Stage 2

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Supertech Z16/A16/B16 Double Valve Springs Stage 2 

Z16/A16/B16 LET/LER/LES Engines

This kit contains the following items :

  • 16 x Outer springs

  • 16 x Inner springs

  • 16 x Titanium retainers

  • Direct fitment

Specs from these Stage II dual springkit are :

  • Outer Spring  27.50mm OD   / 20.00mm ID

  • Inner Spring   20.00mm OD   / 15.20mm ID

  • 80 lbs seat pressure 

  • 70 lbs @ 34.36mm 

  • 13.60mm Max Net Lift on the camshafts

  • 20.75mm Coil Bind

Supertech performance valve springs are made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel Alloy for higher performance and durability.

Computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits for long durability under extreme conditions 

and harmonics are well under control.


Supertech Valvetrain has proven in a variety of motorsports applications from mild 150 horsepower street engines to 1000+ Horsepower race cars.

Don’t be fooled by lesser quality valvetrain components, 

stick with Supertech and get the quality you deserve for your project that will fit right the first time and offer superior performance and longevity.


Supertech Retainers are manufacturer with high quality military certified Titanium alloy,

CNC machined for a tight fit that will ensure a long durability.

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