Supertech Z16/A16/B16 Intake + Exhaust Hi-Flow Valves

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Supertech Z16/A16/B16 Intake + Exhaust Hi-Flow Valves

The complete Valve set contains the following items :

  • 8x Intake Black Nitride valves Standard Size

  • 8x Exhaust INCONEL valves Standard Size

  • 16x Collets – Single Groove


Intake and Exhaust Valves are One Piece Forged, High Temperature, High Nickel, Stainless Steel Alloy. 

Valves are CNC finished to strict tolerances making these valves the choice for the most demanding race classes.

Black Nitride Coating is a hardening treatment that even though it is not as widely used as the chrome plating, it has several benefits and has become more popular for use in the European and Japanese applications.

These valves are made with single groove valvelocks to run higher RPM level and have more clamping force as well

Inconel Material, For Superior Heat Resistance.

Supertech Extreme Flow Performance Valves

For Pro Street and Racing are engineered for High RPM and High HP.

 Extreme Flow Valves outperform any other valve on the market today, and with their Nitride Coating are perfect for High Temperatures

 (and run cooler which improves value life)

 Nitrous, Turbos and Superchargers.

 For naturally aspirated motors these valves will give you a much greater cylinder flow for good HP gains.


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