Suspension Secrets Adjustable Camber & Caster Plates for BMW M3 G80 G81, M4 G82

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At the limit the G8X M cars suffer from understeer which gives the car quite a vague steering feel and a lack of trust in the front end. This is due to there not being enough camber at the front axle which is also not adjustable on the BMW G8X M platform. This means that you are limited to the camber setting set by BMW which isn’t enough for track use or spirited road driving.

Forged from Motorsport data and knowledge our G80/G82 M3/M4 adjustable camber plates solve this and are designed to work directly with the OEM shock/spring assembly as a direct bolt on upgrade to enhance the chassis and offer adjustable camber and a fixed increase in caster.

Whilst developing the M4 GT4 chassis we discovered that the perfect mixture of camber and caster increase on the front axle was the secret to getting the G80 M3/G82 M4 to really work and was the blend of the geometry to make the whole chassis generate much more grip, reducing understeer to an absolute minimum.

Our camber plates have a fixed offset of caster machined into them so you can enjoy the benefits offered by this exact mixture of geometry. The steering feedback and feel our adjustable camber plates create is unmatched by comparison, producing a much more direct and confidence inspiring front axle, helping you to push harder and enjoy the drive much more.

The different camber settings available in the adjustment allow for optimum setups for fast road use, occasional track use and full track use meaning that you switch between camber settings with ease if you change how you are using your car.

Manufactured from Billet 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium our camber plates feature anti-slip adjustment slots meaning that once set, the camber value can’t slip or change when running kerbs out on track or hitting holes in the road.

Not only do our camber plates offer camber adjustment, but they also have a fixed increase in caster machined into them. The caster increase is designed into them as a fixed offset derived from the G82 M4 GT4 car settings. We developed the fixed caster offset to keep them even more user friendly meaning there is no need for any caster gauges.

One of the biggest issues with the G8X chassis is a lack of steering feel and feedback. The added camber and caster offered by our camber plates helps to solve this by increasing front grip and feedback through the steering wheel making for a much faster and enjoyable drive. No more mid-corner push from the front end, but instead a front axle that has much more grip and turn in, putting much more trust into the drive allowing you to push harder and faster out on the roads or track.

Our rodoball bearings are one of the largest bearings on the market and have been specifically designed into our camber plates to ensure they keep noise to an absolute minimum and prevent any “bearing knock” from occurring when in use. This means that you receive all of the benefits of the spherical bearing such as improved shock absorber response and feedback without having any of the downsides making them the perfect upgrade for road or track use.

The key features of the Suspension Secrets BMW G80/G82 M3/M4 Competition Adjustable Camber Caster Plates are:

  • Increased mid corner grip
  • Improved steering feel and response
  • Fully compatible with the standard springs and dampers and lowering springs
  • Fully compatible with any coilovers that use the OEM top mounts
  • Reduced understeer
  • Better tyre wear and reduced front outer edge tyre wear
  • Greater-mid corner steering feel and grip
  • Additional negative caster for improved steering feel and dynamic camber gain
  • Range of adjustability for road and track use
  • High-performance RODOBAL bearings for increased damper performance
  • Caster offset machined in a fixed position for ease of use
  • Toothed adjustment slots prevent camber settings from slipping and changing during hard driving
  • Motorsport geometry designed and applied to the road

Suspension Secrets’ products are designed and manufactured in house in the UK. Our products are made from billet aircraft-grade 6082 T6 aluminium and corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. We use motorsport-spec Rodoball Bearings for maximum performance and longevity.