Turbo Dynamics Stage 4 Corsa E VXR Hybrid Turbo Charger (Options)

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Turbo Dynamics Stage 4 Corsa E VXR Hybrid Turbo Charger (Options)

  • High flow K04 Billet large trim Compressor Wheel designed for higher RPM performance 
  • High flow 9 Blade Hi-flow exhaust turbine, featuring unique hub / blade design 
  • Turbosmart uprated Actuator
  • Re-profiled compressor housing + Inlet Pipe
  • Ported Wastegate
  • Machined Exhaust Housing with larger Exhaust Turbine Installed
  • Turbo Dynamics designed uprated 360 degree thrust kit
  • Unit fully blueprinted to motorsport tolerances
  • Uprated recirculation valve optional
  • WGM / Turbo Dynamics exclusive MDX666E
  • Recommended maximum boost level:  23-26 PSI

Estimated Power Output:  270-320BHP*

Choose from a NEW or EXCHANGE unit (Refundable Surcharge Applies)

Surcharge is refuned once old exchange unit is returned. Note Must be serviceable, without any manifold Cracks within 10 working days

Ported Inlet pipe is also supplied, we will require return of old unit also.

 * Upgraded hardware required

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg

Turbosmart Recirculation Valve


Brand new Unit (no Exchange needed), Exchange Unit (Refundable), Fitment at WGM (no Surcharge applied)