VAGSport VSR Air Intake VAG MQB EA888.3 IS20 / IS38 Turbo (2012-2021)

£459.95 Inc Vat

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The VSR intake system is a complete solution from filter to turbocharger, a unique solution and leap forward in intake design.

A highly efficient duel cone pleated cotton filter features over 1.375m of filtration area. Air leaves the filter through a 150mm exit including a velocity stack which unifies the airflow smoothly into the oversize 102mm intake piping. The final velocity stack is specifically port matched to the OEM turbo inlets, providing improved inlet geometry. This setup has been proven to flow more air with less turbulence and can offer huge performance gains while putting less stress on turbo components, a fantastic solution for stock and stage-tuned vehicles alike.

Flow Data & Performance
Stock OEM intake max recorded air flow: 353.8 cfm (cubic feet per minute)
VAGSport Intake max recorded airflow: 504.5 cfm a 42.59% INCREASE

Flow bench testing performed at 28.0 inH20
What does inH2O stand for?
Inches of water is a non-SI unit for pressure. It is also given as inches of water gauge (iwg or in. w.g.), inches water column (inch wc, in. WC, ” wc, etc. or just wc or WC), inAq, Aq, or inH2O.

Vagsport vsr air intake mqb ea888. 3 is20/is38 turbo (2012-2021)