Vargas BMW B58 40i GC Turbocharger

£1,669.00 Inc Vat

  • New from Vargas Turbo in the USA… The GC Range, Standing for ‘Gamechanger’
  • Two Options of Turbo… GC Making Between 550-580bhp or GC+ Making 700bhp+ in the UK
  • 9 Blade Turbine Wheels Big Power and 9 Blade Compressor Wheels with Mar-M 246 Aero Engineering
  • “Point-Milled” Compressor Wheels Increase Air Flow And almost Eliminate Compressor Surge
  • GC Brand New Cast Core Bolt into Original OE Manifold with 3″ to 4″ Inlet Elbow
  • GC+ Complete New Cast Core and Cast Manifold Complete with 3″ to 4″ Inlet Elbow
  • Direct-Fit to all Coolant and Oil Lines, Downpipe and Charge Pipes
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Ready to take your B58 to the next level? Don’t want to deal with core charges, long lead times, or restrictive factory housings? Look no further!

VTT has you covered with our 100% new casting B58 GC and GC+ turbocharger upgrades. We start with keeping the great design elements of the factory B58 turbo and removing the not-so-great ones such as the small factory inlet area, bearing housing oil structure, thrust bearing, and anything else we saw that could be improved upon. With the basics covered, we stepped it up a level adding in proprietary VTT changes and finished off by having all these parts cast to OE quality.

What this means for you is serious B58 power made easy; GC’s are a drop in B58 turbocharger core upgrade that supports over 600WHP (550bhp-580bhp in the UK) while maintaining factory spool and all factory connections including oil, water, downpipe, and charge pipe. The GC is supplied as the core which bolts directly into the OE manifold. It features a 9 bladed turbine wheel on the other end of a 9-bladed compressor wheel which is Mar-M 246 aero engineered and point-milled to maximise air flow and eliminate compressor surge.  The GC+ is also newly cast core, as well as a fully cast VTT manifold which is much, much bigger than the original OE manifold, so unlike the GC which bolts to the OE manifold, the GC+ is a complete assembly that replaces the old turbocharger completely. It has a bigger version of the 9 blade turbine wheel, and a whopping 10 blade compressor wheel, featuring the same amazing design Mar-M 246 aero engineering and point-milling.