WEngineering Water Meth Injection Control Unit + Data Display M2 M3 M4

£660.00 Inc Vat

Product Includes

Data Display
RHD Surround
Wiring Loom
Boost Sensor +£60


BMW WMI water methanol controller. The installation of the control unit is relatively easy. In order to establish successful communication with the vehicle, only 2 pins (CAN high and CAN low) must be connected. A complete water injection system still requires (water pump, injection nozzle(s), water tank and float switch). The control unit is compatible with all known systems. You can find all the functions of our system here .

Technical details:

  • Output for a water pump (Max. 12A)
  • Outputs for 2 valves (each max. 1A)
  • Input for a float switch
  • Connection for the touchscreen display
  • USB interface for parameterization and coding of the control unit
  • Vehicle communication CAN high and CAN low

Scope of delivery:

  • Touchscreen data display with a plastic frame for mounting in the middle ventilation shaft
  • WIC (Water Injection Control) control unit
  • Wiring harness for connection to the vehicle and the display
  • Wiring harness for connection to (supply, water pump, 2 valves, float switch)



  • Please indicate the chassis number when ordering.

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