WGM Astra J VXR Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 2 (Options)

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WGM A20NFT Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 2 – For the Stage 2 Builds we build the engine to a our higher standard to include forged pistons and steel conrods, ARP Head studs and uprated Valve springs

The A20NFT in standard form is a strong unit, with robust designed crankshaft grindle system which supports the forged steel crankshaft and conrods. Although the conrods are not the weak point of the engine we still replace the connecting rods with superior steel rods.

The weak link on the all alloy GM power plant is the Cast pistons, which are proving to be the only limitation with power increases. High cyclinder pressues / exhaust gas tempertures or even sudden change in mentioned can cause thermal shock and cracking around the piston. Leading to low compression, and if left piston melting. Once the standard pistons are replaced the power can be hiked up dramatically.

OE Bore (86mm) :

For a OE Standard bore Forging process we leave the engine insitu, Removing the cylinder head and Sump allows us to gain access to everything we need to upgrade the internals.

Included in the Service:

  •  Wiseco Forged Alloy Pistons
  • Piston rings
  • ZRP I Beam steel connecting rods
  • OE Bearings
  • Piper Valve Springs
  • Piper Fast Road Spec Camshafts
  • OE Head gasket
  • OE Gaskets
  • Running in Oil
  • Final running in Oil 5w30 Fully Syn
  • Labour to remove + install forged internals

We can also carry out a cylinder head decoke at the same time to remove the carbon build-up around the inlet valves

When installing the Forged Internals, new Piston Rings are used, these are also ‘Ring Gapped’ to the correct tolerances, new conrod bearing (Shells) are used and checked for clearances (Where applicable)

While the Cylinder Head is removed from the engine block, it is a much easier task to perform and majorly less labour intensive work to upgrade the Valve springs and Camshafts. Standard Valve springs are weak from a performance perspective, we can offer to replace them with Piper valves springs

Once the Build is complete we run the engine up with our running in oil, as soon as the engine is upto temperature this is changed again. Then a short running in period is carried out before the final oil change and inspection, where a Remap carried out if requested.

Note: This service is for in house fitment only

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