WGM Stage 2 Tuning Package (420 BHP) for BMW M135i M235i F2x N55

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WGM Stage 2 Tuning Package for BMW Mx35i equipped with the N55 Engine (326PS model)

This is an in house service offered at WGM HQ only.  For more information on our tuning guide, click here 

An impressive 94HP with 130LBFT gain can be seen from this must-have package! Our Road and Track proven ECU software calibration takes the M2 to another level boasting up to 420HP

This package is designed for those seeking an improved soundtrack to their engine while ensuring power is consistent lap after lap on track and street while removing the noticeable power drop in the summer months! Turbo spool and low-end response will be dramatically improved from the free-flowing downpipe, while the must-have modification to optimise the standard turbo set up is the air to air intercooler, bringing the intake temps back into control!        
For those wanting to retain road legal (MOT) status, we advise a sports catalyst is required, otherwise, for optimal gains, a decatted downpipe is installed.

As standard for the downpipe, we offer the Wanger catted or catless optionals. We can also supply Milltek, Scorpion and Remus downpipes also. We choose quality before price.

We have chosen to select the Airtec Motorsport intercooler after being impressed with the quality and performance it provides; the twin core design provides maximum frontal area coverage with the limited space provided while retaining an easy to install approach to minimise labour costs. 

With this tuning package, there are a few options;

– The first one we offer is to install uprated charge pipe(s) as the standard cold side charge pipe is common for breaking under increased boost levels. For reliability reasons we highly recommend this upgrade. 

– High flow air filter drops in place of the standard paper filter into the standard airbox, this is a high-quality high flow, synthetic nanofiber filtration media which is pleated to maximise surface area and in turn increase airflow, freeing up a few extra horsepowers. Or full Induction kits can be offered.

– Cat-back systems (creating a turbo back) will allow maximum exhaust flow breathing capabilities while improving the exhaust note even greater, with a few options to suit all tastes and budgets. Check Exhaust filter

– A highly recommended complimentary upgrade for the Automatic 8 Speed ZF gearboxes also includes a Gearbox tune (TCU) from xHP  Read here for more information.

This package includes the following:

  • Roading Road (Dyno Session) 
  • Before and After Printouts
  • Labour to install optional extras
  • Labour to install Downpipe
  • Catless Downpipe
  • Labour to install Intercooler
  • Airtec Intercooler
  • Full data logging Session to ensure correct running
  • Developed ECU Calibration Software, which also features
  • Sport displays rescaled to suit higher outputs
  • Catalyst code removal to avoid EML lights
  • Sport mode overrun / Decel feature (optional)
  • Cold start delete (removal of high / loud idle) (optional)
  • Switchable map modes (normal power on Comfort, with the ‘MAP’ on Sport modes)
  • Boost / Ignition Optimized 
  • AFR Optimized 

As our ECU calibration software is not Generic, we can carry out custom bespoke requests if required, just ask!

Expected Results, based on our Dyno Dynamics rolling Road:

+74-94HP (400-420HP)
+110-130LBFT (440-460LBFT)

Note – Results are based on running High Octane Fuel, Either Tesco 99 or Shell Nitro, any other fuel is deemed substandard, and results will be lower.

Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Air Intake Options

MMR Performance Panel Filter, Airtec Induction Kit, Eventuri Induction Kit, MMR Performance Induction Kit, No

Charge Pipe Options

MMR Performance Intake Side, Forge Motorsport Intake Side, No

Downpipe Options

Wagner Tuning Decat, Wagner Tuning Catted

Gearbox Tune

Yes xHP, No

Intercooler Options

Airtec, Wagner Tuning Evo2 Competition