WGM Corsa VXR Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 1 (Options)

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WGM Corsa VXR Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 1 

WGM Z16/A16/B16 Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 1 – This is our most common form of engine build for the GM 1.6 Turbo Engine.

The engine in standard form has a bad reputation for being ‘weak’, but once you replace these weak components the engine has proven to be quite a weapon with the right set up. These weak components are the pistons and conrods. We have seen many conrods fail and pistons fail – typical piston number 4, or P4 as it’s known. For people who are wanting to strengthen their engine and/or make it more reliable for more power at a later stage this is the route to take.

We have one common question we ask, this then puts us down one of two routes  – Is your engine running fine and do you have any compression issues?

If you do not have any compression issues and not high mileage we are usually carrying out an OE bore upgrade, Or if you have low compression IE the dreaded P4 issue and compression results are under 100PSi then there is a high chance we would have to Rebore the Block to run oversized pistons due to scores in the bore. As a rule of thumb if the Compression is below 100PSi the bore will be scored. In VERY rare cases we may find that even a perfecting healthy engine with good compression results may be required to have a rebore with out of tolerances bore or scores, 

OE Bore (79mm) :

For a OE Standard bore Forging process we leave the engine in situ, Removing the cylinder head and Sump allows us to gain access to everything we need to upgrade the internals.

Included in the Service:

  • Wiseco Forged Pistons, Including Pistons Rings
  • Steel Connecting Rods
  • OEM Head Gasket Kit
  • OEM Head Bolts
  • Conrod Bearings
  • Running in Oil
  • Additional Oil / Filter Change  after Running in
  • Labour Remove and Installed Forged Internals

Oversized Bore (79.5mm) :

For Oversized bore Forging process we have to remove the Engine from the vehicle. The engine is completely stripped to a completely bare block, and taken it to our trusted engineering company to have the block rebored with CNC Torque plate, additionally the block has crack detection, acid and Ultrasonic baths then all oil galleries are flushed. New core plugs are installed and repainted. Crankshaft polished and all reassembled with all clearances set and checked 

With the costs of the Rebore, Labour to remove and reinstall the engine from the car, strip and rebuild with all new Gaskets and bearings creating the difference in pricing structure.

As the Engine is removed from the car, there would be no Labour charge if a Clutch / Flywheel upgrade was requested at the same time.

Included in the Service:

  • Wiseco Forged Pistons, Including Pistons Rings
  • Steel Connecting Rods
  • OEM Head Gasket Kit
  • OEM Head Bolts
  • OEM Bottom End Gasket Kit
  • OEM Main Bolts
  • Oil Pump / Water Pumps replaced
  • Crankshaft Bearings
  • Conrod Bearings
  • Antifreeze
  • Gearbox Oil 
  • Running in Oil
  • Two Additional Oil / Filter Change after Running in
  • Labour Remove and Installed Forged Internals

When installing the Forged Internals, new Piston Rings are used, these are also ‘Ring Gapped’ to the correct tolerances, new conrod bearing (Shells) are used and checked for clearances. 

While the Cylinder Head is removed from the engine block, it is a much easier task to perform and majorly less labour intensive work to upgrade the Valve springs and Camshafts. Standard Valve springs are weak from a performance perspective, we highly recommend replacing them with Supertech Stage 1 Single Springs if you are intending to Rev the engine high or run high boost levels. Avoiding the chance of valve float or bounce, which can kill an engine in seconds. 

As the Cylinder head features mechanical Tappets ‘Buckets’, checking and adjusting the clearances is required – Sometimes there might be minor costs for new buckets to make sure everything is within tolerances 

Once the Build is complete we load a running in map on the car, run the engine up with Mineral Oil and cover running in mileage, It is then changed again with and either given back to the customer to run in further OR we can carry the whole produce out if required. The Final Oil change and inspection is then carried and Remap carried out if requested.

We quote that this Engine set up is strong enough to take 400HP / 320TQ / 7750RPM / 1.7 BAR of Boost at peak cylinder pressures (With uprated Valve Springs)

Due to the nature of a highly tuned engine, we cannot warrant these power outputs figures, but know we have tested above these figures with this Stage 1 Spec.

Note: This service is for in house fitment only

Parts used are subject to change without notice, if unavailable stock occurs

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79.5mm, 79mm

Engine Build Options

Cambelt Kit, Spark Plugs


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