WGM Corsa VXR Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 3 (Options)

£6,249.00 Inc Vat

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WGM Z16/A16/B16 Forged Internals Engine Build Stage 3 – For the Stage 3 Builds we build the engine to a highest speciation that we can offer

This build option is for complete engine removal only, and Rebored too oversized pistons

The components we use are our tried and tested High compression pistons (9.0:1) manufactured by Wössner whom are regarded by Europe’s leading motor sport engine builders to our bespoke drawings. Wössner pistons feature a unique PTFE coating on the skirts and a grade of 4032 Alloy (T6) along with the higher compression than standard (8.8:1), which improves the engine in every way, quicker turbo spool / engine pick up which in turn makes more power and lowers fuel consumption. Matched to a Set of ZRP I Beam Connecting Rods featuring CNC machining for superior tolerances, optimal balancing for weight matched sets (+/- 1g), L19 ARP Bolts, Rated to in excess of 400HP per cylinder.

ZRP Forged Crankshaft option can be added for £1330

Ported Cylinder head can be offered for £500

Included in the build:

  • Wossner High compression Pistons
  • ZRP I Beam Connecting Rods
  • Supertech Double Valve springs
  • Supertech Valves
  • WGM Track spec Piper camshafts
  • OEM Oil Pump / Water pump
  • Rebore 79.5mm
  • OEM Gaskets throughout 
  • Uprated NGK Spark plugs
  • Engine Block painting (Choice of colours)
  • CNC Torque plated Rebore
  • Block Crack Tested
  • Acid / Ultrasonic Baths
  • Oil Jets tested
  • Crankshaft Polished
  • Dynamically Balanced
  • Oil pump modifications
  • Vapour Blasted Alloy components 
  •  Pistons decked height correction
  • Cylinder head and Block faces machined

With the cylinder head removed, we carry out Porting of the Inlet and extensive porting on the Exhaust ports, matching to the Gasket, along with the combustion chamber, Install motorsport Valve Guides, Install Supertech Race intake and Exhaust Valves with one piece collet design, Double Valve springs with
Titanium retainers. Now the Valve train can cope with over 9000rpm,
Matched with our WGM Rally Spec Camshafts we can get the full potential of the new RPM Scale 

Once the Build is complete we load a running in map on the car, run the engine up with Mineral Oil and cover running in mileage,  The Final Oil change and inspection is then carried out using Millers Nanodrive Engine Oil

We quote that this Engine set up is strong enough to take 500HP+ / 350TQ+ / 9000RPM / 2 BAR of Boost at peak cylinder pressures

Due to the nature of a highly tuned engine, we cannot warrant these power outputs figures, 

Note: This service is for in house fitment only

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