WGM Stem Seal Replacement Service 2.0 Turbo Z20LEH

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WGM Stem Seal Replacement Service 2.0 Turbo Z20LEH

Common issue on the GM Z20LET / LER / LEL / LEH 2.0 Turbo / VXR Engines. The standard stem seals (typically exhaust side) pop off allowing oil to bypass down the valve guide.

This causes high oil consumption and smoking issues, Symptoms include: smoke on start up, smoke once left idling for few mintues, noticed when revved / pulling away from traffic lights etc. Smoke is emitted from the exhaust and typically of a blue colour.

Modified stem seals which include built in retailers in form of a valve spring seats eliminate possibility of a repeating issue

This in-house only service includes:

  • Replacement of all 16 Stem seals
  • New Rocker cover gasket
  • Option to install uprated Valve springs
  • Option to have Cambelt / Water pump replaced
  • While you wait service is offered

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