ZRP Astra J VXR Connecting Rods I Beam

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ZRP Astra J VXR Connecting Rods I Beam

High tensile steel alloy renowned for its wear resistance properties and used where high strength properties are required

  • Additional machining processes 
  • Aluminum – Silicon/ Bronze bushing with radial groove 
  • Dowel sleeves for perfect fit and accurate re-assembling 
  • Grooves in Thrust Face for weight reduction

Technical Features of ZRP Connecting Rods

  • Shot Peening for improved fatigue life
  • Magnaflux Inspection guarantees the consistency of the forged material meets our high quality standard 
  • Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life.
  • CNC machining for superior tolerances as tight as 0.0003’’
  • Optimal balancing for weight matched sets (+/- 1g)
  • Center to center is held to 001” tolerance 
  • Finite Element Analysis FEA Computer generated stress analysis of con rods
  • I-Beam Design – 

Supplied boxed into sets with ARP moly and full fitting instructions

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