ASNU Direct Fit Astra J In Tank Low Pressure Fuel Pump

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ASNU Direct Fit Astra J In Tank Low Pressure Fuel Pump

This pump is a direct replacement for the OE pump fitted to your Astra J VXR, Enough fuel  supply for over – 500hp.

The A20NFT – LHU Engine is Direct Injection (DI), this system works on 2 pressure side, Low Pressure (LP) and High Pressure (HP)

The low pressure side is controlled at a fixed pressure using a fuel pressure regulator (FPR) in the tank. When the low pressure side starts to drop this will effect the high pressure. not only will it decrease engine power – but can damaged your HP Pump! In order to maintain LP and uprated In Tank fuel pump is required a certain HP Levels. If your LP side is dropping FP, then this is the Pump for you!

  • In Order to fit the fuel pump, the Fuel tank is required to be removed, access is only possible once removed from the car

  • No cutting of the swirl pot is required, just drops straight in and plugs in to the standard wiring. 

  • The ASNU Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank low pressure side, electric fuel pump

  • Suitable for Pump Fuel; Race Fuel; Ethanol E85**.

  • Suitable for Ethanol fuels.

  • Internal Check Valve.

  • Internal anti-burst relief valve (set at O.E Spec of 6.2bar)




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