do88 Performance Auxiliary Radiators for BMW G Series B58

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Upgrade the performance of your B58 Gen 2 engine with the do88 Performance Auxiliary radiators!


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To Fit:
BMW 2′ M240i M240iX (G42) – Engine: B58 – 2022 on
BMW 3′ M340i M340iX (G20 G21) – Engine: B58 – 2018 on
BMW 4′ M440i M440iX (G22 G23 G26) – Engine: B58 – 2021 on
BMW Z4 M40i (G29) – Engine: B58 – 2017 on

The B58 Engine Cooling System
The B58 engine features a cooling system with three frontal radiators, one large central radiator and two smaller auxiliary radiators located in front of each wheel. Tuned engines produce significantly more heat, making it challenging to maintain optimal engine temperatures during intense street, track, or drag strip driving. The OE auxiliary radiators have slim cores and plastic tanks, which are not ideal for tuned cars. Upgrading these auxiliary radiators is will help to ensure proper engine temperature.

Our Solution
Fortunately, the design space available for the auxiliary radiators allows for both increased frontal surface area and core thickness on both sides of the car. The OE radiator is identical for both sides, and our do88 Performance Radiators are designed to be drop-in replacements for both left and right sides. We offer them as a pair because upgrading just one radiator isn’t as effective as upgrading both simultaneously. Our Performance Auxiliary Radiators provide enhanced cooling capacity to prevent heat soaking. Key features include:

XX% larger core volume than the original equipment (OE).
Dual-row core with a thickness of 40mm, expanding the cooling surface by XX%.
Full aluminium construction, complete with durable TIG-welded end tanks.
Increased fluid capacity for optimal heat dissipation.
The installation is simple, as our radiators come with CNC-machined mounting brackets and OE-style “Quick Connect” inlet/outlet connections. The OE rock guard can be easily attached to our radiators for protection against small rocks and road debris.