Verkline Billet Torque Mount for Toyota Yaris GR Gazoo Racing WAS-610

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VERKLINE billet torque mount for the Toyota Yaris GR.

The factory torque mount is not optimised for performance use. It allows a lot of movement which sedates the driving experience. The Verkline Billet Dogbone mount is a redesigned billet mount with an improved polyurethane bush which controls the engine movement better which results in less wheel hop, crisper gear changes and more instantaneous throttle response.

Product functionalities:

Polyurethane double bushing reduces engine movement
Gives better throttle response
Gives much more direct, faster, clean and consistent gear shifts even when the car is pushed hard
Reduces engine movement and wheel hop on hard acceleration

Lighter than OEM by 0,2kg
Polyurethane double bushing reduces engine movement
Precisely CNC machined out of aluminium
Black anodised for nice look and corrosion resistance
What is included:

Aluminium mount
Set of two polyurethane bushes
Metal sleeve and washers
Bolt + nut
Used in:
– Toyota Yaris GR 2020+

– 12363A – gearbox mount

Note: Installation of this rear insert kit will introduce some additional some NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) transfer into the cabin.